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Fujifilm Photo Community

October Photo Challenge Winner

A big congrats to Michelle F. for winning the October "Monochromatic Colors" Photo Challenge and a $50 B&H gift card!

The November challenge is "Negative Space."

What our members think of the Photo Challenges

The challenges inspire me to get my camera out and actually use it! I love the feedback from the community and seeing what others come up with.

Charis L

By being challenged to produce every month a photograph with a different task for each month I am pushed to get creative, especially because you can not dig into your archive but have to go out for ideas and images. By completing these tasks my creative process really did become more effective.

Jos S

John's monthly photo challenges have done more to improve my photography than anything I have ever tried before. I believe that the photo challenges are so useful because they focus on only one specific skill or technique. Then John requires you to actually take a photo using that particular technique for feedback by not only himself but other photographers as well - always insightful! Can't wait for the next challenge!

Curt B


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Courses Included in the Membership

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Fujifilm Specific Courses

(15 reviews)

Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals

The perfect interactive Fujifilm photography course for beginner and intermediate photographers. Learn all about how to use your Fujifilm camera to turn your snapshots into photographs.

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(77 reviews)

Learn Fujifilm Film Simulations

Discover when and why to use the different Fujifilm film simulations in this free course.

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(6 reviews)

Creating Unique Fujifilm Film Recipes

Create your own Fujifilm in-camera film recipes that match your vision using this methodical approach. Follow along with the provided worksheet and videos as you finish this course programming the styles into your camera.

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(6 reviews)

Perfect Fujifilm In-Camera JPEGs

Forget spending hours on the computer post-processing. Learn how to pre-process using Fujifilm's Image Quality settings and get the image you envisioned when you press the shutter button.

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(1 reviews)

Advanced Fujifilm Drive Modes

Unlock your Fujifilm X camera's potential by learning how and when to use the advanced drive modes, including AE BKT, White Balance BKT, Focus Bracket, HDR, and more. Includes videos, quizzes, and a PDF download.

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Fujifilm Camera Tutorial Courses

This membership includes camera-specific tutorial courses for the most popular Fujifilm cameras. Current through the X-H2 & X-H2S with the X-T5 and GFX 50S II tutorial courses coming soon.

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Additional Courses

(1 reviews)

Basics of Light, Composition, and Color

Learn the creative fundamentals of photography in this structured course that includes assignments & quizzes. Learn how to see light, what makes a good composition, and how to work with color and black & white photography.

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(1 reviews)

Better Photography Through Visual Storytelling

How do you make memorable photos? By telling stories with them. This course will teach you how to tell stories through photographs and prepare a long-form photography project.

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(1 reviews)

Intro to Macro Photography

Discover an entire new world of photography by learning important macro concepts, like ratios, recommended gear, focus & exposure settings, and creative technique.

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(1 reviews)

Two-Minute Lightroom Developing Workflow

Reclaim your valuable time! Go into Lightroom with a purpose and follow this four-part process to developing photos in just a few minutes. Never wander around aimlessly moving sliders again. For both LR Classic and LR.

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Coming soon throughout 2022 & 2023

All courses based on your feedback!

The Lightroom Guide

Planning Photos with Geodetics

Learn Flash Photography

The Photo Mechanic Guide

Advanced Composition: Gestalt Theory

Long Exposure Photography

Intro to Astrophotography

Start improving your photography today

Learn your camera. Understand exposure. Find your creativity. Learn what to do with your photos after the capture. Participate in photo challenges with other photographers.

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What people say

Reviews of included courses

What others have said so far...

The course was exceptionally thorough, and the tests were a big plus in retaining course information.

John Heinrichs


Excellent course, clear and thorough presentation of all the material, plus valuable feedback on assignments from the instructor.

Beverly Jay


This course helped me understand my camera better. The instructor provides clear and detailed explanations for how to use the camera and the important concepts regarding focus, exposure, white balance, etc. The presentations provide excellent graphics to show how to set the camera and the instructor gives nice examples to illustrate his points. The instructor also provides helpful and quick feedback on assignments. Great class!

Elene Feigenbaum


This is a fantastic course for the foundation of photography and learning your mirrorless fujifilm camera. You learn so much and this course is easy to follow, well structured, and keeps you motivated. Definitely worth the time and money.

Alaina Brown


I appreciated that you did not speak too quickly, and I thought you described the fundamentals in a clear and concise way. I am in my 80 year, and find some videos hurried, and confusing. Yours is not. I appreciate CC- a godsend!

Barbara Gibson


This is an excellent overview of the Fuji Xseries system plus a great basis photography crash. I highly recommend it and am very pleased I took the time to do so.

Bill Farrell


Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals has jump-started my understanding of the Fujifilm camera system. It has saved me countless hours in learning the Fujifilm camera basics and John has been more than willing to answer my numerous questions and correct my mistakes throughout. He and his courses are an invaluable resource for anyone desiring to learn about the Fujifilm camera systems and photography concepts. This is the best series of courses I have ever found!

Curt Brooks


This course is very comprehensive covering all aspects of using a mirrorless camera. It uses a variety of ways to engage your interest and allow you to practice and experiment with what is being taught. I would recommend this to anyone new to mirrorless cameras and anyone that wants a better understanding of the technical aspects of using a camera to achieve your creative vision.

Mark Northcote


If you are changing from a DSLR to the Fuji system then this is the course for you! This course takes the frustration out of learning. I wish the shop that I purchased my camera would have recommend this course to me. Previously, I had only shot in auto, now I'm shooting in manual & raw and I understand my camera, the lenses and much more.

Angela Hjertstedt


Excellent course!

Annemieke van Middelkoop



Shadreck Nyamukuvhengu


John Peltier makes it very clear from the onset, that he is 'in your corner' to assist you as you complete his courses. However, he also is clear that one gets out of these courses is directly related to the input. It is obvious that he is a seasoned teacher, providing a learning method to achieve individual goals. I am looking forward to enjoying these courses.

Bob Deutsch


Concise, too the point information and instructions.

John Heinrichs


I highly recommend this course. I didn’t know much about cameras when I began, but by the time the course was finished, I had a working knowledge of my camera and felt confident about using all of the various settings. I liked working at my own pace and enjoyed the different ways the material was presented. The exams created the motivation to learn the material, and the assignments added the important layer of “hands on“ learning. It was a great learning experience.

Joanne Gordin


The course was easy to understand and has made me a better photographer

Nathalie Ringstad


Excellent course and helped me fully understand the differences and similarities in the various fujifilm film simulations.

Beverly Jay


I highly recommend this course for anybody who's a newbie in Fujifilm photography for getting an understanding of how powerful is their camera.

Huzdup Alexandru


Opened the curtain to appreciate what the simulations are all about.

Marci Segal


A great overview of film simulations. This class really helped me to understand film simulations much better especially Acros.

Raj Mohan


X -S10

Arie Peri


It helped me better understand how my X-T4 works.

Philip Cody


Great introduction to film simulations for those wanting to understand the concept and thinking behind the simulations. Recommended - and it’s free!

Ian Barrow


Thanks for your work - it made things so much simpler. 5 stars

Guy Laflamme




Pedro Farias-Nardl


Frequently Asked Questions

All of the courses in the list above are included in the membership. I'm also currently adding & updating new courses all the time, so there's more to come! There's also a membership community exclusive to subscribers, where you can participate in monthly challenges and more. Monthly webinars have different formats. One-on-one Zoom meetings are available at a special members-only discounted rate.

You will have access to all material for as long as you're a member. You can always go back and redo lesson modules and rewatch videos if you need to. Every course also includes PDF downloads, so be sure to get those to have if you ever decide to cancel your membership.

You may cancel at any time without penalty, all by yourself in your Account Settings.
You'll lose access to the material at the end of the billing period (month or year) you've paid for.
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No, I've developed and published all material on my own. I am not affiliated with Fujifilm. Just a very happy customer who has fallen in love with photography again after using the camera system, and am here to share that enthusiasm with you.

Absolutely. Click on any of the individual courses to enroll in free previews. Then come back to this page to enroll in the membership!