Two-Minute Lightroom Developing Workflow

Reclaim your valuable time! Go into Lightroom with a purpose and follow this four-part process to developing photos in just a few minutes. Never wander around aimlessly moving sliders again. For both LR Classic and LR.

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Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

How to quickly & efficiently process a photo in Lightroom

Which adjustment tools are best for you in your genre

The order of adjustments to make for speedy processing

How to direct your viewer's eyes throughout the photo


What do you need?

Adobe Lightroom Classic or Lightroom (mobile)

A basic understanding of Lightroom's Library & Develop modules

This course will not introduce you to Lightroom

What's included?

Sign up and get the following on any device

13 instructional videos

Short, to-the-point videos help you learn what you need to without superfluous filler.

Checklist download

A phone-sized processing checklist will help you learn this workflow and become more efficient.

6 bonus videos

Bonus videos with examples in different genres show you how quick & effective this workflow is.

Curriculum - Two Minute Lightroom Workflow

    1. Process a photo in two minutes!

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Pre-Processing Checklist

    1. White Balance

    2. Selective Color

    1. Directing the Viewer

    2. Using Light to Direct

    3. Using Color to Direct

    1. Clarity & Texture

    2. Reduce Noise

    3. Sharpening

    1. Example 1

    2. Example 2

    3. Example 3

    4. Example 4

    5. Example 5

    6. Example 6

About this course

  • $49.00
  • Time to complete: 3 hours
  • Skill level: Intermediate
  • Phone-sized processing checklist


Exactly what I was looking for, a suggested system of steps to a time efficient way to edit my photos.

Melanie Godsell


This class not only helped to streamline my approach to post processing, but it also greatly improved the final result — my photographs. It was especially useful in combination with John Peltier’s After the Capture course. Each step of post processing was thoroughly explained and demonstrated, and I am now more confident that I can achieve a final result that is closer to my vision while taking the photo.

Joanne Gordin


I always get a lot out of John's courses and this is no exception. He does a great job of introducing the topics, ensuring basic concepts and vocabularly is understood and goes about each lesson in a clear, methodical manner where each step build on the other. He does not use a lot of lingo and has an on-spot, down-to-earth delivery which is easy to follow. Very well done and highly recommended for anyone that wants to have a simple walk through some of the Lightroom basics and be able to apply them immediately.

Bill Farrell


made the daunting task of editing seem relativly easy . everything presented in a logical and easy to understand manner. the only problem with the course as with all your other courses they become adictive untill complete will certainly be moving on to another course straight away . Each course allways gives good value for the cost involved and i feel i got my value from the first lesson alone

Paul Robson


Stop wasting time

Learn an efficient Lightroom workflow

This efficient Lightroom process, for all versions of Lightroom, will help you put the finishing touches on your images without wasting time moving sliders.
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