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Student Testimonials

Alaina B

John Peltier's Photography classes have become a staple for my photography journey. He has a great teaching style that keeps you engaged and having assignments personally graded by him really push you to do things out of your comfort zone and motivate you to complete each course. His feedback is always personal and very thoughtful. I highly recommend!

Fannie K

This course was exactly what I was looking for! I learned to shoot manually and have been itching to go back to a “real” camera for several years now. I was very grateful that there was a video walking me through the basics of using my new Fuji camera since I know myself - I’m not reading that manual. (Who does?) The cameras have come such a long way too with what they are capable of, so it’s great to be able to just dive in and start using it. The short videos are perfect for my terrible attention span and the text that comes with each module is super helpful when I have to refer back to the topic. Thanks for putting this together!

Curtis B

John's knowledge and his ability to explain photography concepts in simple, concise and understandable terms significantly enhanced my knowledge of photography. This is the most useful photography class I have ever been involved with, having taken other online classes, watching videos and group lessons. Without a doubt, his classes have regenerated both my knowledge and excitement in taking my photography to the next level!

Your instructor

John Peltier

I have a unique background in education that started in the U.S. Air Force where I was an F-15E flight instructor for ten years and wrote F-15E training curricula. I continued to teach helicopter lessons after transitioning to civilian life.

But I soon discovered my passion was telling stories through photography. I'm now an Accredited Associate Photographer with Photographers Without Borders and have worked on documentary projects around the world, and have also taught photography lessons on three continents.

I've been a professional photographer for nearly ten years, having been published in places like New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Tahoe Quarterly, and National Geographic Online.

Photography is a joy that everyone should have access to, and I'd like to pass it on to you also!