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Thank you!, I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot. The style of John's teaching is the best of any online course I have seen! The course structure is great and provides optimal approaches to learning through video presentation, written material, summary notes for download, quiz reviews and then practical exercise assignments.  All the topics are very clearly and very well presented. Great course.

Beverly Jay

This class was above and beyond what I felt I signed up for. There is so much great information within this course and the structure of the course really allows you to learn the information. Having John individually grade assignments and give you feedback was a major help and also really motivated me to keep doing more lessons and show that I was learning the information. I am a beginner and learned so much through this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone learning a new fujifilm camera or photography in general. In just a few weeks I have far more of an understanding that I would have just doing free youtube videos, etc. It is well worth it!

Alaina Brown

John's knowledge and his ability to explain photography concepts in simple, concise and understandable terms significantly enhanced my knowledge of photography. This is the most useful photography class I have ever been involved with, having taken other online classes, watching videos and group lessons. Without a doubt, his classes have regenerated both my knowledge and excitement in taking my photography to the next level!

Curtis Brooks

John Peltier makes it very clear from the onset, that he is 'in your corner' to assist you as you complete his courses. However, he also is clear that one gets out of these courses is directly related to the input. It is obvious that he is a seasoned teacher, providing a learning method to achieve individual goals. I am looking forward to enjoying these courses.

Bob Deutsch

FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot - Without a doubt, it is only due to this prep course that I passed my Part 107 exam. I had zero knowledge or experience with the course materials and realized quickly I’d need help. The Peltier Photo course for the Part 107 was excellent. How the course studies were laid out including practice test and videos made it very easy to understand and learn. Passed my exam on the first try and after only 2 weeks of pretty moderate studying. I would highly recommend this course to help you in acquiring your part 107 certification.

Scott Griffith

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This free Exposure Triangle for Beginners course will give you an understanding of the basic exposure principles that make up the foundations of photography. This is the first step in understanding how to make beautifully-exposed photos.

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Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals

The perfect interactive Fujifilm photography course for beginner and intermediate photographers. Learn all about how to use your Fujifilm camera to turn your snapshots into photographs.

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Basics of Light, Composition, and Color

Learn the creative fundamentals of photography in this structured course that includes assignments & quizzes. Learn how to see light, what makes a good composition, and how to work with color and black & white photography.

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Prepare for your Remote Pilot exam

Get that Part 107 certificate with an FAA-certified flight instructor and USAF veteran

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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, handouts, and practice tests will prepare you to take the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.

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FAA Part 107 Practice Test - Prime

Take this FAA Part 107 practice test to assess your readiness for your exam. Question bank has 300 questions, including actual FAA questions from the Remote Pilot exam. Get test-taking tips and additional resources. Enrollment good for two months.

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