Light is the language of photography. Learn the basics of photography's grammar and vocabulary. How to think of light, its direction, quality, and more importantly, where light isn't - shadow.
light shadows


Composition isn't a set of rules. It's a philosophy, how to take a bundle of words and arrange them into a strong sentence. See what makes an impactful photo and how to bring those elements together.


Color and tone are the adverbs & adjectives of photography. See when color and black & white treatments better suit a photo. How do you think in color schemes, and how do you think in black & white tones?

What's Included?

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  • 10 videos

    Ten short, easy-to-digest videos will walk you through the building blocks of understanding light, composition, and color to create more compelling photographs.

  • 3 assignments & quizzes

    Each chapter includes an optional assignment that you can turn in to me for feedback on your understanding of the material. Quizzes will help you further assess your understanding.

  • Downloads

    Download reference material for each chapter. The end of the course offers another download with exercises to help you practice the concepts outlined in this course.

Course curriculum

    1. Learning About Light, Composition, and Color

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Student Survey

    4. One-on-One Consult Call

    1. What is Light?

    2. Direction of Light

    3. Quality of Light

    4. Test: Light

    5. Download: Light

    6. Assignment (Optional): Light

    1. Philosophy Behind Composition

    2. Using Perspective & Geometry

    3. Layering Photos

    4. Test: Composition

    5. Download: Composition

    6. Assignment (Optional): Composition

    1. Creation in Color vs B&W

    2. Elements of Color Photography

    3. Elements of B&W Photography

    4. Test: Color

    5. Download: Color

    6. Assignment (Optional): Color

    1. Download: Practice List

    2. Final Test

    3. Course Review & Feedback

    4. Putting These to Use

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