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Exposure Triangle for Beginners

This free Exposure Triangle for Beginners course will give you an understanding of the basic exposure principles that make up the foundations of photography. This is the first step in understanding how to make beautifully-exposed photos.

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Basics of Light, Composition, and Color

Learn the creative fundamentals of photography in this structured course that includes assignments & quizzes. Learn how to see light, what makes a good composition, and how to work with color and black & white photography.

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Better Photography Through Visual Storytelling

How do you make memorable photos? By telling stories with them. This course will teach you how to tell stories through photographs and prepare a long-form photography project.

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An interactive collection of photography courses

This isn't just a collection of videos!

29 total videos

Short, to-the-point videos teach you what you need to know without extra fluff. Each video is accompanied by a text outline.

9 assignments

Assignments and exercises in each module give you a chance to apply what you've learned. Some can be submitted for instructor feedback.

11 tests & quizzes

Test and quizzes help you assess what you've learned, to take away the important points.


A variety of downloads include course summaries, checklists, and references.

Where do you start photography?

The Creative Foundations

Photography is so much more than gear. It's a language, and in order to speak in photos, you need to know the language.

This bundle, which includes three courses at a discount, will help you understand this language.

Learn about how light works, what makes a strong composition, how to use colors, and how to create more compelling photos using story.

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Really simple, step by step understanding of how the exposure triangle works. I had a basic understanding but this filled in a lot of blanks and the terms I hear Youtube photographers use. Thanks!

Ian McKinlay


Everything was understandable and interesting. Loved it! 5 stars.

Rebecca Mathias


A very clear detailed explanation of the exposure triangle. It was very helpful to have the review questions at the end. I thought I had taken it all in but when it came to answering the questions and applying the information I found I hadn't learned it as well as I thought. So it was good to go over the information again and really commit it to memory.

Susan Shanasy


Exposure Triangle for Beginners: for decades I've been trying to understand Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, Exposure, Depth of Field, and "stops", to name just a few things. Passively looking at videos on these topics didn't help, nor did people's explanations. Thanks to the structure and content of Mr. Peltier's course, I was actively engaged with quizzes and worksheets and that helped me start to learn these things. This course is a great foundation for me to continue learning and expressing myself through photography.

Louise Pelissier


This course makes you think and teaches you about the exposure triangle fundamentally.

Leslie Hankey


After watching this course I'm more confident in how to use the exposure triangle

Huzdup Alexandru


I found this to be an excellent course. Presented in easy to understand terms and analogies for new & amateur photographers. The flow & breakdown of tutorial followed by quizzes to hone your understanding. I would 100% recommend this to anyone starting out or needing clarification with Exposure triangle & Priority modes

Monette Gardiner


Very well presented.

Steve Fisher


I'm a complete photography noob, but John's Exposure Triangle course has really helped give me a solid understanding of the technical aspects of the art. I can't wait to delve into more of his courses.

Susie Williamson


Honestly, I’ve been struggling with the concepts around the exposure triangle for a while. This course really helped me get my head around it. I finally feel like I’m starting to get it. Thank you!

Nina Roby


Zolu Gobah


For someone who wants to know the 'why' on camera exposures, this is a great way of introducing the basics of camera settings.

Michael McBride


Concepts very well explained. Good refresher too

Prakash Gurbaxani


I considered myself more than a beginner in this subject, but it turned out to be food for thought. each and every element of the course was explained to a high degree. I have been a little sceptical of online courses but if this free course is a prelude to the rest of the courses on offer then as a Fuji user I will be looking to expand my knowledge by taking further courses.

David Lomas


I think it is excellent and covers all the basics

Richard Bolf


This course has helped me with the exposure settings. The instructor explained the information well and I highly recommend this course for someone who wants to get away from using the automatic settings. I have also taken one of his courses specific to the Fujifilm X-T3 and I plan to take other courses.

Skip Case


sequential, progressive and devoid of extraneous information. No information overload.

William Stinchcomb


This course is the best way to understand the whole basic concept of setting the Exposure. It really helped me.

basant kumar


It was great. Laid out well and quizzes did a good job of reinforcing the lessons. I look forward to continuing through the rest of the classes.

Tyler Liggett


Gave me a lot to think about but well presented. Just have to remember it all

Anthony Spina