Better Photography Through Visual Storytelling

How do you make memorable photos? By telling stories with them. This course will teach you how to tell stories through photographs and prepare a long-form photography project.


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How do you make your photos more engaging?

Everyone wants to capture the "postcard" photos. The single hits. But how do you make your photos more memorable?

Through visual storytelling.

9 video lessons

Short videos with text outlines.


PDF download for offline reference, including sample Model & Property releases.

2 assignments

Submit two optional assignments for instructor feedback.

Instructor support

Live chat and email support.

By the end of this course you will be able to

Create visual stories with identifiable characters, settings, and styles

Capture the essential "storytelling photos" when out with your camera

Plan a long-form photography project to work on over a period of time

Know when a Release form is required and how to get one (with downloads)

Edit your captured photos down to a selection that presents the story to viewers

Understand what the "Decisive Moment" is and how to use it in your storytelling

Course curriculum

    1. Better Photography through Visual Storytelling

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Student Survey

    4. One-on-One Consult Call

    5. Referral Program

    1. Elements of a Story

    2. The Storytelling Photos

    3. The Decisive Moment

    4. Test: Elements of Visual Storytelling

    5. Download: Elements of Visual Storytelling

    6. Assignment (Optional): Visual Storytelling

    1. Long-Form Photography Projects

    2. Researching your Project

    3. Editing a Story

    4. Ethics & Legal Considerations

    5. BONUS: The Legacy of the Pony Express Story

    6. Test: Taking Visual Storytelling Further

    7. Downloads: Taking Visual Storytelling Further

    8. Assignment (Optional): Long-Form Projects

    1. Final Test

    2. Practicing your Storytelling

    3. Workbook Download

    4. Course Review & Feedback

About this course

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  • 2 hours of video content
  • 9 videos
  • Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

Course Reviews

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This course outlines a less random way of capturing images and and therefore adds a layer of interest for myself, my photography and for the final product.

Kevin Lamport


Really good!

Marco Silva


Every picture that tells a story is a photograph, otherwise it is a snapshot. This is what I learned in this course and it changed my view on photography in a very positive way. Absolutely recommended for nyone how wants to get more out of his photography.

Jos Smeets


Create more than just "single hits"

Level-Up Your Photos

Practicing visual storytelling can connect viewers to your photos in ways that singular "eye-candy" photos just can't do. Humans are storytellers and story consumers at heart. Leave a lasting impression. Entertain. Inform.

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