Learn Fujifilm Film Simulations

Discover when and why to use the different Fujifilm film simulations in this free course.


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Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

Learn how and when to apply each Fujifilm film simulation to your own photographic style for better photos out of the camera

Discover the philosophy of, reasoning behind, and advantages of Fujifilm film simulations

See how different colors are rendered by different film simulations

Learn why the ACROS black & white film simulation has color filters and when to use them

Included In This Course

What you get in this free Fujifilm film simulation course

3 videos

40 minutes over 3 videos explain the differences between the Fujifilm film simulations and when & why to use them.

Film simulation quiz

Do you understand the film simulations after this course? Take the quiz to find out!

Film simulation cheat sheet

Download a cheat sheet for offline reference & study.

Course curriculum

    1. Intro

    1. What Are Film Simulations?

    2. Choosing Color Film Simulations

    3. Black & White Film Simulations (ACROS)

    1. Film Simulation Quiz!

    2. Download: Film Simulation Cheat Sheet

    3. What Do You Do with Film Simulations Next?

    4. Course Review & Feedback

About this course

  • Free
  • Time to complete: 1 hour
  • Skill level: All
  • Film Simulation cheat sheet

Film Simulation Comparisons Included

All Fujifilm Film Simulations included in this course:

  • ACROS + color filters

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Questions this Film Simulation course will answer

  • What's the difference between PROVIA & ASTIA?
  • What kind of color shift does CLASSIC CHROME have?
  • When should I use PRO NEG STD or PRO NEG HI?
  • What effects will I get from the different ACROS filters?
  • Which film simulation is best for my style and subject matter?
  • Why would I use ETERNA BLEACH BYPASS instead of ETERNA?
  • CLASSIC NEG and NOSTALGIC NEG look the same - how are they different?

Get the answers here
Excellent course and helped me fully understand the differences and similarities in the various fujifilm film simulations.

Beverly Jay


I highly recommend this course for anybody who's a newbie in Fujifilm photography for getting an understanding of how powerful is their camera.

Huzdup Alexandru


Opened the curtain to appreciate what the simulations are all about.

Marci Segal


A great overview of film simulations. This class really helped me to understand film simulations much better especially Acros.

Raj Mohan


X -S10

Arie Peri


It helped me better understand how my X-T4 works.

Philip Cody


Great introduction to film simulations for those wanting to understand the concept and thinking behind the simulations. Recommended - and it’s free!

Ian Barrow


Thanks for your work - it made things so much simpler. 5 stars

Guy Laflamme




Pedro Farias-Nardl


Packed with useful information

Stijn Bieseman


An in-depth course about fuji film simulations, hard to find anywhere else

Eduardo González Hernando


I've been shooting Fuji for over ten years, and never really got beyond Provia and Acros+R (sometimes Classic Chrome). Silly. I know. This was a great, easy to digest primer. It helped make things a bit less intimidating. My favourite tip was adjusting the WB for the Acros filters. Thanks to John for taking the time to produce this.

Randy Preising


Really good introduction to the basics, and some more advanced topics. The camera menu run-through was a bit too much of a list but overall the course was excellent.

Paul Haggarty


The best explanation for how and when to use the Fujifilm simulations. You could spend a lot of time in trial and error determining how to best use the simulations in camera only resulting in frustration. When here it is the best explained and demonstrated uses for the simulation. It just doesn't get any better than this.

Greg Ferguson


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