Creating Unique Fujifilm Film Recipes

Create your own Fujifilm in-camera film recipes that match your vision using this methodical approach. Follow along with the provided worksheet and videos as you finish this course programming the styles into your camera.


Course rating: 4.9

12 reviews

Identify Visual Characteristics

Identify the visual characteristics of the styles you want to create.

Learn how to translate those visual characteristics that apply to Fujifilm Image Quality Settings.

Create your Settings

Use a process in X RAW Studio to create these custom styles and see how they'd look applied to existing photos.

Program Your Camera

Save these settings into your camera for use in future photos - negating the need to process those photos after the fact!

What's included in this course?

This isn't just a collection of videos!

PDF worksheet

Follow along with the provided worksheet going through each step from brainstorming your styles to programming the settings in your camera.

11 videos

11 short videos take you through the process one step at a time, including three example videos for how to use X RAW Studio to create custom settings.

Live Chat

Confused about a setting or need help? Ask via LiveChat if I'm online, otherwise, I'll respond via priority email.


What you need for this course

Fujifilm X or GFX camera and cable for connecting to your computer. This will not work with the X-T100, X-T200, X-A5, or X-A7.

Fujifilm X RAW Studio software (free, instructions provided)

A selection of Fujifilm RAW files created using your available Fujifilm X/GFX camera

Create Fujifilm Custom Settings for you

Completely personalized Fujifilm Custom Settings are often a "white whale" for many Fujifilm photographers. You want a style that's yours but you don't know where to start, so you copy from others.

This course will walk you through a very methodical process to creating your own Fujifilm Custom Settings. Follow along with the provided template and have your camera programmed by the end of the course!

Start Now

Course curriculum

    1. About Fujifilm's Custom Settings

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. Fujifilm Style Recipe Template

    5. Referral Program

    1. Brainstorming Styles

    2. Identify Style Characteristics

    3. Finding the Film Simulation

    4. Finding the Styling Settings

    1. How to Use Fujifilm X RAW Studio

    2. Refining Settings in X RAW Studio

    3. Program your Camera

    1. A Fujifilm Recipe Quiz!

    2. Further Refining your Recipes

    3. Course Review & Feedback

    1. BONUS 1: "Travel" Custom Recipe

    2. BONUS 2: "Documentary" Custom Recipe

    3. BONUS 3: "Black & White Landscape" Custom Recipe

    4. Example Recipes from my X100V

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Custom Fujifilm Film Recipes Course Reviews

Read what other students have said


Good corse explaining how to set up your custom settings for SOC perfect pictures.

Blevin Davis


This is perhaps the most comprehensive course out there on Fujifilm film simulations and how to modify it to your liking. Its easy to follow, presented wonderfully with good video and explanations, it will change the way you shoot with your fujifilm camera

Bianca Elizalde


Thorough explanation in a very logical manner

Richard Fee


Thank you, This is the concise information in learning how to create the film look I want. Thisis an extremely comprehensive approach and takes a lot of the trial and error out of using the fuji x cameras successfully. You got me thinking.

David Lightner


A clear and well thought out course that has helped me understand Fuji Film Simulation recipes for the first time. The course is the right length, not too long or too short, and covers virtually everything you need to get experimenting and having fun with your Fujifilm camera.

Alan Marsden


One of the greatest benefits to the Fujifilm cameras is the ability to really control the look and feel of your images in-camera. This is a great course for guiding you through the steps of building and fine-tuning your own recipes to capture just the right look that you had in your head. It also covered some gotchas I wish I'd known about before I made some mistakes in the field.

Cary Beuershausen


The complexity of customizing Film Simulations using Fujifilm cameras along with X-Studio is simplified, well paced and brilliantly explained in this course. A “must see” if you want to get head around this powerful Fujifilm feature. The course has already paid dividends by enabling me to understand the impact of changes I make in Image Quality settings. Mother Fujifilm should acquire this course and add it to there arsenal!

Rick Rohles


Great topic in this course!

Marcin Kopciejewski


This course is very well explained in much detail. And I can confirm the "after course" support is excellent.

Phil Carter


The course helped me understand the settings to create my film recipes for my style of photography.

Richard Fiddelke


Another Great Course

Ron Moore


loved it, happy to say goodbye to post editing

Bruno Mortier



There are one hour and five minutes of video to take you from start to finish, and an additional 40 minutes of bonus video taking you through examples. These videos are broken down into short chunks as to not overwhelm you at once.

This course will work for nearly any Fujifilm X and GFX mirrorless cameras. However, some cameras do not allow you to program custom settings into the camera. These are the X-T100, X-T200, X-A5, and X-A7. The X-S10 does allow this, but you only get four settings while other cameras allow for seven.

Send me a message via the Live Chat window at the bottom of the screen. If I'm online I'll respond immediately. Otherwise, I can respond as soon as I get a chance.