Creating Perfect Fujifilm JPEGs In-Camera

Learn the hidden power of using the Fujifilm X system

Your Fujifilm camera is equipped with powerful Image Quality settings.

So powerful, in fact, that you can stylize your photos before they're even captured, eliminating the need for time-consuming post-processing.

By the end of this course, you'll learn an easy photographic method to capture perfectly-styled photos the moment you press the shutter button. 

In addition to styling, this also includes using Fujifilm's tools to get the right color balance and exposure at capture.

A series of videos, worksheets, downloads, and quizzes will take you through this method, capped off with real-world demonstrations of this workflow.

Learn how to adjust the Image Quality settings to match your vision

See how to adjust color just how you want it

Get the perfect exposures at capture by understanding the histogram

Included in this course

  • 21 videos

    21 short, digestible videos will walk you through this method one little piece at a time. Each video is accompanied by a text outline. Real-world demonstration videos let you see how this method really works.

  • Worksheets & quizzes

    This course isn't just videos. Five quizzes and a final test will really reinforce your learning. Four downloads & worksheets will help you offline and out in the field.

  • Community support

    This course will give you access to the Fujifilm Course Community, where you can participate in monthly photo challenges, ask for photo feedback, and more.
    I am also available for real-time LiveChat to answer your questions.

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Your Instructor

I have a unique background in education that started in the U.S. Air Force where I was an F-15E flight instructor for ten years and wrote F-15E training curricula. I continued to teach helicopter lessons after transitioning to civilian life.
But I soon discovered my passion was telling stories through photography. I'm now an accredited associate photographer with Photographers Without Borders and have worked on documentary projects around the world, and have also taught photography on three continents. I've been a professional photographer for nearly ten years, having been published in places like New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Tahoe Quarterly, and National Geographic Online. Photography is a joy that everyone should have access to, and I'd like to pass it on to you also!

John Peltier

Photography Instructor