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This FAA Part 107 practice test includes 300 questions, including questions you haven't seen elsewhere, and test-taking tips. Are you ready for your Remote Pilot test?


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Are you ready to pass the Part 107 Remote Pilot test?

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How to use this Part 107 practice test

This Part 107 Remote Pilot practice test is an assessment tool, to help you judge if you will pass the Remote Pilot test and identify weak knowledge areas for self-study. Correct answers are shown during the test, but not explanations. All knowledge areas are thoroughly explained in the full Test Prep Course.

This test contains actual questions you may see on the real Remote Pilot test and a number of questions I've written myself based on 15 years of military & civil flight instruction experience.

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Full Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course

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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, handouts, and practice tests will prepare you to take the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.

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Why is this the best Part 107 Practice Test on the web?

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Great prep review!

Julio Ayala


Really good review

Glenn Sullivan


Great practice exam to prepare for the real test.

William Crosby


The Peltier free practice test offering is a nice service w/ no strings attached. I already took the Part 107 course at a local community college, which included a "final" exam very similar in style to Peltier's. But having another opportunity to take a practice exam from a different source was useful. Thanks to Peltier.

Paul Avery


Test questions are presented in similar fashion to exam.

Eliseo Broche


Great study aid ...helped alot

Thermon Dooley


It was good and challenging.

Chase Dickson


Great tests, different every time

Bryon Bradshaw


A few of these questions weren't on any of the other practice tests I took. Greatly appreciated the challenge.

Kyle Fisher


Excellent to practice before the exam

Edgardo Rivera


How long after a conviction for illegal marijuana grow can you secure a pilot license?

j stein


Nice to see the answers as you go, thanks!



The variety of questions and the wording was challenging at first being new to it. With some studying and being persistent it paid off.



This test had question i have never heard before and never read about. back to the drawing board

Robin Harper


I have not taken the test yet, however Peltier obviously knows what he's talking about and provides the best study guides I have found. Thank you for this site. I now have hope I may pass.

Jesse Snyder


I learned that the study material provided by the FAA is missing some of the information contained in these questions!

Greg Peiffer


Very helpful, I have completed a similar course and watched dozens of videos but this test had several questions I had not seen or even remember studying for. Well done.

Mark Sawicki


Very helpful, will take more

andy wessels


My advice is to take at least 20 practice tests before you take the reel one and this is a good place to start.

Richard Washburn


This has been a good exercise for learning.

Dennis Moser


I really appreciate the fine quality of questions and answers for this test. I really appreciate being allowed to take more test.

David Black


Great. Still have some learning to do.

Anthony Satter


The practice test by Peltier was really helpful. I actually bought a course from another vendor but the instructor wasn't great at teaching the concepts so I looked for some additional resources. I liked how the info I viewed from Peltier was explained and the free practice test was much appreciated.

Mark Zimmerman


Took this practice test and went over them several times. Not all of the questions are actual test but it really helped prepare me for the test. Very grateful for Peltier taking the time to set this up. Passed the test on my first try!!



Unfortunately, I can’t get back to the page to take more practice tests.

Doug Allen


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