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We've added even more questions about Remote ID to the Prime Practice Test!

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How to use this Part 107 practice test

This Part 107 Remote Pilot practice test is an assessment tool, to help you judge if you will pass the Remote Pilot test and identify weak knowledge areas for self-study. Correct answers are shown during the test, but not explanations. All knowledge areas are thoroughly explained in the full Test Prep Course.

This test contains actual questions you may see on the real Remote Pilot test and a number of questions I've written myself based on 15 years of military & civil flight instruction experience.

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John's explanation of the material in each of the tutorials is clear and concise. I actually went through a highly rated course before this one as I didn't feel I fully understood some of the content. The way John is able to articulate the content helped fill in the gaps and I was able to take the practice exams with confidence. I passed the exam and scored a 90! Thanks John!

Dick Bachmeier


Questions were good. Very expansive on everything involved.

Jeff Fracchia


William Stacks


I'll be back for more.........

Brian Alexander



Mike Savas


This is a great tool that helps test your knowledge and allows you to gauge how prepared you are for the real exam. Thank you for creating this John and for being vested in everyone’s piloting success!

Andy Dalton


This was great! Thank you!!!

Gabrielle Andrews


Pay for it. It's a bargain at $7, it's worth way more than that. Watch the videos on Youtube by this fella, pay for the courses. Pass the exam. It's well worth it.

Alistair Tutton


I have taken every free test I could find through YouTube searches. I paid the $7 for the Prime questions and saw several (more than 10) that I had not seen anywhere else. Definitely worth the fee. The explanations provided for many of the answers are very helpful. Thank you!

David Avilla


Very helpful! First time FAA test taker and the format is easy to digest. Good marks!

James Denney


Unfortunately, I can’t get back to the page to take more practice tests.

Doug Allen


Once I had completed my study materials and I had taken a few practice tests, taking several (about 10) of these practice tests gave me areas that I needed to focus on. This was a huge help. And the test that I just took this morning at PSI was just about EXACTLY the same. If you can master these sample tests with the theory (not just memorizing the answers), you'll be golden. I made a 95% and it took me 45 minutes. I stayed the whole 2 hours reviewing all answers slowly again, but I changed nothing. The 3 that I missed were super obscure and I just guessed - wrong, but who cares? The $7 was the best money that I spent, and about the only money that I spent to prep for the class. Thanks Peltier for a REALLY great resource!!

Scott Smith


Good and different questions

Jose Davila


Extremely helpful!!!

David Sabat


I used this test every day or two as I studied and found that it pointed out weak spots; things I either didn’t understand or that I hadn’t fully committed to memory. I am grateful that this was available and would recommend it to anyone seeking part 107 certification.

Nick Noyes


Seeing the variety in these questions is nice and definitely helps you think about what you learned and prepare for the final test.

Gabe Rawling


If I had one thing to say, I would say that after I take the test it would be nice to see the answers to the questions I got wrong so I could see where I went wrong.

Jordan Lamborn


I like that you are able to print off the instructions given in the video, most online courses don’t allow that for whatever reason. I’m one that has to see everything in writing. Also the quizzes have questions that I’ve never seen on any other website, and believe me I’ve taken a lot of online quizzes to try to prepare myself by trying to see as many optional questions that could possibly be on the test. I failed my first attempt and then passed with the help of this course/quizzes

Amy Mitchell


good questions

Garrett Fuca



Tracy Grazley


very informative

Amon-Hotep Nielsen


Well I couldn't afford the full training course, so I spent a whole $7 on the practice test - prime and took the practice test about...oh let's say about 100 times? After that, I took the FAA 107 test and PASSED ON THE FIRST TRY! I missed a few questions that were not featured in the Practice tests, but no matter, I am NOW a licensed drone pilot!

Giacomo Knox


Great practice test to fill in areas that get glossed over in the material.

Bob Hooper


This test exposed what I still need to learn and covers the new ADS material that wasn't covered in my course. NOTE: Several of the questions are a repeat of what you will find for free on the internet.

Michael Patterson


Appreciate your good work. I found your testing to be the best of all I sampled, and there were many. I passed the test with a 90 which was disappointing as spent considerable time studying and reviewing the relevant documentation. One thing that caught me completely off guard, as the information was buried deep in Federal Register, was the requirement to inhibit the takeoff in the event of a Remote Identification self-test failure. I was unable to find any reference to this in AC-107-2A or any other source of information. I have included the part of the FAR below for your edification. Another question I found difficult to answer, because of its wording, was concerning load factors. The issue was the wording of the question, when does the angle of bank effect the operation of the UA, was such that it could be interpreted that any angle of bank has an effect on the aircraft. I expect that I was overthinking the question and, after reviewing the Bank Angle chart, determined that what they were looking for was the fact taken from the Pilots Handbook that "the load factor increases at a terrific rate after a bank has reached 45 or 50 degrees." I only mention this question because I felt this was one of those "gotcha" type questions designed to keep scores at or below 90. Thanks again for all of your efforts. § 89.310 Minimum performance requirements for standard remote identification unmanned aircraft. (c) Self-testing and monitoring. (1) Prior to takeoff, the unmanned aircraft must automatically test the remote identification functionality and notify the person manipulating the flight controls of the unmanned aircraft system of the result of the test. (2) The unmanned aircraft must not be able to take off if the remote identification equipment is not functional.

Nathan Flory


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