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This FAA Part 107 practice test includes 300 questions, including questions you haven't seen elsewhere, and test-taking tips. Are you ready for your Remote Pilot test?


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Are you ready to pass the Part 107 Remote Pilot test?

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How to use this Part 107 practice test

This Part 107 Remote Pilot practice test is an assessment tool, to help you judge if you will pass the Remote Pilot test and identify weak knowledge areas for self-study. Correct answers are shown during the test, but not explanations. All knowledge areas are thoroughly explained in the full Test Prep Course.

This test contains actual questions you may see on the real Remote Pilot test and a number of questions I've written myself based on 15 years of military & civil flight instruction experience.

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Full Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course

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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, handouts, and practice tests will prepare you to take the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.

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Why is this the best Part 107 Practice Test on the web?

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Great prep for the test. Thanks!

GT Lain


Great test questions.

Frank Saladrigas


Ok. Needs post test explanation

Michael Zolnowski


Great prep material, in addition to other resources!

Rob Butner


This is a great to to prepare you for the real test. I like the visual charts and questions. Much more thorough that the simple practice test you can download from the FAA site.

Rick Froggatt


A good variety of well rounded questions

Christopher Cousins


Very well put together.

Danny Hanna


This Helps

Melvin Kelly


Good test

Will Friedner


excellent , really enjoying your format and fresh questions.



Great study aid ...helped alot

Thermon Dooley


Seeing the variety in these questions is nice and definitely helps you think about what you learned and prepare for the final test.

Gabe Rawling


Perfect variation of questions!



Try it

Carl Mack


Nice to see the answers as you go, thanks!



Really good review

Glenn Sullivan


Very good and informative

George Taylor


I have taken every free test I could find through YouTube searches. I paid the $7 for the Prime questions and saw several (more than 10) that I had not seen anywhere else. Definitely worth the fee. The explanations provided for many of the answers are very helpful. Thank you!

David Avilla


Nice test .

Paul Engle


Good resource

Daniel Cordle


This was really helpful if you think you know the material well and want to test yourself!

Adam Doll


Thank you for making this free. I love it.

Richard White


As was advertised, few of the questions from the practice test were on the actual test. The practice test was a GREAT help in understanding which material was necessary to study AND to understand the underlying thought behind each question. Also the statements RTFQ and RTFA were great helps. I got a 92 the first and only time. Thanks!



Very happy with online course. I kept reviewing material until I was comfortable. The practice exams really pointed to the areas I needed to work on. I have a book I bought that is not as well planned, did not get the learing experience I wanted. The videos with text the online course has, along with the quizes really fit the bill. Very Happy

Paul Leistikow


Good variety of questions; helped a lot with the new regulations.

Edwin Santana


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