How to schedule your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot test - Initial & Recurrent

Once you've got a solid understanding of the Part 107 Remote Pilot Test knowledge areas and have passed some practice tests with scores in the 90s, it's time to schedule!

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Scheduling your Part 107 test

There is no more requirement for an in-person Recurrent test. Click here for instructions on how to renew your Part 107 certificate online.

1) Create an IACRA account

The FAA has moved to an online scheduling system that requires applicants to create a pilot account before the test. This helps streamline the entire process.

Here's how to create an account on IACRA:

Click on this link to open the Integrated Airman Certification Rating Application (IACRA) registration.

On the first screen, check "Applicant" then "Agree to TOS and Continue >>" at the bottom.


On the second screen, you only need to fill out everything after the first section (unless you already have an FAA certificate).


You're going to be assigned your own unique identifier called an FTN - an FAA Tracking Number that you'll have throughout your aviation career. You'll find it on your IACRA home screen.

Write down your FTN - you'll need it to schedule your test.

iacra ftn

2) Create an account on PSI

PSI is the contractor that runs all FAA tests. You'll need to register with them first to schedule online.

Go to the PSI Testing Center website.

Click on "Create an Account". If you already have an account, Sign In and continue to step 3. 

psi sign up screen

Enter your FTN, first name, and last name - click "Continue".

psi verify screen

Once the system has verified your FTN, you'll be taken to a Usage Acknowledgement screen. Read through it and click "I Agree".

On the User Registration Screen, your first, middle, and last name should auto-fill from the FAA database. If not, refresh the screen. You cannot enter this information manually.

Enter your email, choose a username, and select a password with insane requirements.

psi registration screen

After all that has been met, you're going to receive an email verification. You'll have 4 days to click this link before you have to start over again. Check your spam folder if you don't see it within a few minutes.

psi email verification

The site should auto-refresh once your email is verified.

Still not done. After you've verified your email and signed in, you'll need to enter more information on a Registration screen, like birthdate, phone, postal code, and citizenship information.

Now you finally have an account through the FAA's testing contractor.

If you're having any problems with PSI, their help desk email is

3) Schedule your Part 107 test

You can schedule your test once all of your registration is complete.

On your PSI Home screen, select "Select" and find your appropriate test.

psi faa test scheduling

For your Initial test, type in "UA" in the search bar.

For your Recurrent test, type in "UG" in the search bar.

Click "Select" to start scheduling.psi uas ugr scheduling

You're going to have to confirm twice that you're scheduling the correct test. You won't get any refunds if you go to the testing center only to find you scheduled the wrong test. The testing center can't change it.

  • Initial test: UAG
  • Recurrent test: UGR

psi test confirmation

Enter if this is your first or second attempt at this test.

  • If you're scheduling your Recurrent test, you'll need to bring your Remote Pilot certificate to the testing center as authorization you're eligible for it. If you don't have that, you'll need to request a letter from the FAA. 
  • You don't need any kind of authorization for the Initial test.

psi test information

If you need any disability accommodations, let them know on the next screen.

psi disability screen

The next screen is going to have some information you want to read through. It'll explain testing conduct, what you can bring, and what you can't bring. Click on "I Understand and Agree" to continue after you've read it.

psi testing conduct

Select your desired location and testing dates to search for availability.

psi scheduling

Select a testing location and time that works for you.
psi scheduling

Confirm your selection and proceed to payment. The test fee is now $175. Be sure you're familiar with the refund/rescheduling/cancellation policy!

psi scheduling confirmation

4) Test day

Do a little last-minute studying the morning of the test, but don't stress it.  

If you've been taking practice tests and understanding why the answers are correct (not memorizing answers), this will be a piece of cake.

What to expect

Be sure to bring:

  • Your photo ID with signature and address on it.
  • Your Remote Pilot certificate for renewals.

Before entering the computer room, the proctor will:

  • Confiscate hats, cell phone (turned off), wallet, watch, keys, anything else in pockets.
  • Check your sleeves.
  • Check any outerwear like jackets.
  • Give your personal items to you, locked in a canvas bag and brought into your testing station.

They'll provide you:

  • Scratch paper & pencil.
  • Calculator.
  • Magnifying glass for charts.
  • Test booklet.

During the test you should:

  • Follow my FAA test-taking tips given in my practice tests.
  • Relax and take your time.

When you're complete:

  • Let the proctor know you're done.  They'll stop the test and show you any questions you got wrong.
  • You'll get your personal belongings back.
  • You will get a stamped scoresheet.  DO NOT LOSE IT!  This is an expensive replacement.  Take it home and lock it up.

You're not done yet. After a day or so, when the computer systems have synced, you'll need to apply for your Remote Pilot certificate (for Initial tests). 

Read how to apply for your Remote Pilot certificate here.

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