Applying for your Part 107 certificate after your test

Here's a checklist of what to do after you pass your Part 107 test

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Recurrent Test - Renewal

Updated Apr 6, 2021

There is no more requirement for an in-person Recurrent test for your Part 107 renewal every two years.

Click here for instructions on how to renew your Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate online.

Initial Test - IACRA Application

Your test score certificate isn't the same as your pilot certificate, and there's a little more work to be done.

You're going to have to apply on what's called IACRA, the FAA's pilot management system. This is where you get your actual Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate.

NOTE: The FAA is migrating to an online test scheduling system that requires you to create an IACRA account BEFORE scheduling your test. If you've already done that, skip to step 2.

Here's a guide on how to apply for your Part 107 certificate on IACRA:

1) Create an IACRA account

If you already have an account from scheduling your test online, skip to step 2.

Click on this link to register with the Integrated Airman Certification Rating Application (IACRA).

On the first screen, check "Applicant" then "Agree to TOS and Continue >>" at the bottom.


On the second screen, you only need to fill out everything after the first section (unless you already have an FAA certificate).

If you are prompted for your Social Security Number, you may select Do Not Use. It is not required.


2) Apply for your Remote Pilot certificate

After you’ve created an account, complete the following steps to get your temporary certificate:

  1. Click on “Start new application”
  2. Your Application Type will be “Pilot"
  3. Select “Remote Pilot - Initial” under Pilot Certifications
  4. Under “Other Path Information,” Small Unmanned Aircraft System should be the only option highlighted in the box
  5. "Start Application"

You’ll be taken to a new screen once you select "Start Application".

The next screens are fairly self-explanatory.  Fill out your Personal Information if any of it is required – it should auto-populate from when you created your account.

In Supplementary Data you’ll have to certify that you speak English and indicate whether or not you’ve had a drug conviction.  Select Save and Continue.

The next tab is Basis of Issuance and you'll be using the "Completion of Required Test" option. You'll need your testing certificate. These first steps may not be necessary if you scheduled online through the new PSI website - your test should already be associated with your IACRA account.

  1. Enter your identification information and the Test Exam ID from that score sheet you got from the testing center.  
  2. Hit “Search” and your information should come up.  You may need to wait 24-36 hours before your information is electronically transferred from the testing center to the FAA system.  So if it's not there today, try tomorrow.
  3. Confirm your information is correct and select “Associate Test.”  
  4. Select Save and Continue.

The final tab will ask you if you’ve ever been denied a UAS certificate.

After you answer that question, you’ll be prompted to read the Pilot’s Bill of Rights and the Privacy Act information.

“Review Application” will become available after you've read those.  

Electronically sign that you’ve read the Pilot’s Bill of Rights, then Sign and Complete Application!

3) Get your Remote Pilot certificates

IACRA should email you when your temporary certificate is available, but you may want to check back periodically. This may be anywhere from one to four weeks, depending on how long it takes for your TSA background check.

Log in to IACRA and print out your temporary certificate once it's available. You'll need it when you're flying for compensation.

You cannot fly for compensation before your temporary certificate is available.

Your plastic, permanent certificate should be in the mail within 1-2 months.

Congratulations on becoming a Remote Pilot!

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