Advanced Depth of Field

Take your creative control to a whole new level by understanding the combined effects of aperture, focal length, and focus distance on depth of field.


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Advanced Depth of Field Course Objectives

By the end of this course you'll be able to

Better define "Depth of Field"

Identify all of the variables that make up a final Depth of Field

Understand what the "Circle of Confusion" is

Identify effects of changing focal lengths on Depth of Field

Identify effects of changing focus distance on Depth of Field

Use the tools in your camera to better control Depth of Field

What's included?

When you purchase this Advanced Depth of Field course you'll get lifetime access to...

4 videos

Short, to-the-point videos help you learn what you need to know in bite-sized chunks. Download for offline viewing.

Reference Sheet

A smartphone-sized "Depth of Field Cheat Sheet" will remind you of combined effects out in the field.


Assess your understanding of the course material with an end-of-course quiz.

Course curriculum

    1. What is "Depth of Field"?

    2. Effects of Focal Length on DoF

    3. Effects of Focus Distance on DoF

    4. Compounding Effects & Conclusion

    5. Depth of Field Cheat Sheet

    6. Depth of Field Final Exam

    7. Course Survey & Feedback

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The Advanced Depth of Field course took a difficult and complicated subject and after completing the lessons made it easy to understand. Great course! Highly recommend.

Joanne Gordin


It's not just "aperture"

There is so much more that goes into "depth of field" than "aperture." It's the combined effects of focal length, focus distance, aperture, sensor size, viewing medium, and viewing distance. Are you ready to master "depth of field"?

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