Unlock the full potential of your Fujifilm X & GFX

What is Multiple Exposure mode and what are all of those blending options?

How do you set up Auto Exposure Bracketing?

How do you use Focus Bracket to get sharper photos?

How do you create a Time-Lapse Movie with Fujifilm cameras?

We'll answer those questions and more in this Fujifilm Advanced Drive Modes course.

What you'll learn in the Advanced Drive Modes course

When, why, and how to use:

  • Auto Exposure Bracket (AE BKT)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Dynamic Range (DR) Bracket
  • Film Simulation Bracket
  • White Balance Bracket
  • ISO Bracket
  • Multiple Exposure Mode
  • Panorama
  • Focus Bracket
  • Interval Timer Shooting

With additional videos on how to create a focus stack after a focus bracket, and how to create a time-lapse movie after interval timer shooting.

Which cameras is this course for?

This course is optimized to teach owners of most Fujifilm X and GFX cameras without extraneous information. These cameras include:

  • X-T series (X-T30, X-T2, X-T4...)
  • X-Pro series
  • X100 series (X100F, X100V...)
  • X-E series
  • X-S10
  • X-H1
  • GFX

What's included in the Advanced Drive Modes course

  • 13 instructional videos with text outlines
  • Five comprehension quizzes
  • Drive Mode challenges
  • PDF reference download
  • LiveChat instructor support

Course curriculum

    1. About this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    1. Film Simulation Bracket

    2. White Balance Bracket

    3. ISO Bracket

    4. Quiz: Film Sim, WB, ISO BKT

    1. Multiple Exposure Mode

    2. Panoramas

    3. Quiz: Multiple Exposures & Panoramas

    1. When & Why Use Focus Bracketing?

    2. Focus Bracketing Setup & Use

    3. Creating a Focus Stack

    4. Quiz: Focus Bracket

    1. Interval Timer Shooting

    2. Quiz: Interval Timer Shooting

    3. BONUS: Creating a Time-Lapse Movie

About this course

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  • 23 lessons


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