The Photo Mechanic Guide

This Photo Mechanic tutorial guide will help you increase your photo editing efficiency, saving you time and minimizing frustrations by using this powerful editing tool.

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Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

How to set up Photo Mechanic 6 or Photo Mechanic Plus for efficient editing

Organize your photos through automation, templates, and presets

Quickly edit hundreds or thousands of photos down to a final selection

Use Photo Mechanic to publish photos to clients, social media, or web portfolios


What do you need?

Photo Mechanic 6 or Photo Mechanic Plus

What's Included?

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Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to Photo Mechanic

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. Photo Mechanic Orientation

    5. Setting Up Photo Mechanic

    6. Download: Photo Mechanic Shortcut Reference

    1. Importing Photos

    2. Metadata (IPTC) Templates

    3. Structured Keywords

    4. Cataloging with Photo Mechanic Plus

    5. Quiz: Organization

    1. Photo Culling

    2. Additional Metadata Features

    3. Geotagging

    4. Advanced Catalog Features (PM Plus)

    5. Quiz: Editing

    1. External Processing

    2. Sharing Through Photo Mechanic

    3. Quiz: Exporting Photos

    1. Advanced Variables

About this course

  • $79.00
  • 4.5 hours of video content
  • PDF downloads
  • Skill level: Beginner to intermediate

The Photo Mechanic Guide

Learn the Most Efficient Editor Available

Learn how to streamline your photography workflow with our Photo Mechanic tutorial. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about importing, organizing, and culling your photos efficiently. Whether you're a professional photographer or an amateur hobbyist, this Photo Mechanic tutorial is the perfect companion to help you reclaim your time.

Lifetime Access - $79

Course Reviews

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I had Photo Mechanic prior to going through this course and didn't fully understand how to properly use it or get the most out of it. I wanted to achieve better organization with my photos so I upgraded to Photomechanic Plus but had a hard time finding resources to really learn how to get the best out of this program...up until John introduced me to this course. The course was very easy to understand and broken up into manageable pieces I could watch and rewatch if needed, whenever I could make time for it. I am so glad for this course and finally feel comfortable using this program(although I have some catch-up to do with keywording a lot of old photos now). It's a great feeling to be finally able to search through my own collections to find exactly what I need now quickly, instead of spending way too much time searching for images I may or may not find due to not being organized.

Tracy Christenson