Perfect Fujifilm In-Camera JPEGs

Spend less time post-processing and more time out with your camera. Learn how to pre-process and get it right at capture!


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Creating Perfect JPEGs in Your Fujifilm Camera

Learn the hidden power of using the Fujifilm X/GFX system

See how to set up your camera in preparation for perfect JPEGs

Learn what the Image Settings will do to your photo

Get the color correct by understanding White Balance

Get the exposure correct with an understanding of the histogram

See special considerations for high-contrast scenes, black & white, and more

Learn a four-step approach to get every photo correct at capture

Image Quality Settings

See how each Image Quality setting can create subtle - or large - adjustments to your image so that it matches your style.

Get the Right Colors

White balance is a key part of getting perfect in-camera JPEGs. Learn all the ways to adjust the colors in your photo.

Get the Right Exposure

Fujifilm X/GFX cameras offer several tools to help you get your exposure correct at capture, so you don't need to alter a RAW file later on.

What's included in this course?

This isn't just a collection of videos!

21 videos

21 short videos will walk you through this method one piece at a time. Each video is accompanied by a text outline. Real-world demonstrations let you see how this method works.

Worksheets & quizzes

This course isn't just videos! Five quizzes and a final test will reinforce these concepts. Four downloads & worksheets will help you offline, out in the field.

Community support

This course will give you access to the Fujifilm Member Community, where you can participate in monthly photo challenges, get photo feedback, and more. Real-time instructor LiveChat also available.

Course curriculum

    1. About this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Why Shoot in JPEG vs RAW?

    1. Fujifilm Film Simulations

    2. Tonal Settings

    3. Color Settings

    4. Detail Settings

    5. Creating Custom JPEG Styles

    6. Quiz: Image Quality Settings

    7. Download: Fujifilm Settings Guide

    1. What is White Balance?

    2. Setting White Balance

    3. White Balance Shift

    4. Quiz: White Balance

    5. Download: Kelvin Temperature Reference

    1. How Cameras See

    2. Using your Histogram

    3. Special Exposure Considerations

    4. Quiz: Exposing for JPEGs

    1. Four-Step Checklist

    2. How I Do It!

    3. Help from Bracketing Modes

    4. Quiz: Putting It Together

    5. Download: Pocket JPEG Checklist

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Perfect JPGs Course Reviews

Read what other students have said

Great course for learning how to increase your chances for getting a photo "just right" upon capture.

Justin Costley


John is a fabulous teacher. This course is rich and deep. Far more than I expected. I learned so much.

Bryan Stern


This is, by far IMHO, the best set of courses on the Fujifilm family of cameras. It has appeal to those wishing to be better with photography, but it is especially useful for those of us with Fuji X cameras. I’ve tried MasterClass, LinkedIn, and Udemy in addition to just plain YouTube. John Peltier’s courses beat them hands down. John is knowledgeable, presents well, and is very thorough. Highly recommended! Five stars!

John Flores


As a newbie I don't necessarily know what all those camera functions actually do. This course helped me understand my Fujifilm camera way better. Instead of taking years to learn it all, this course has taught me how to set up my camera to take beautiful photos. Now I'm excited to get out there and try all this stuff out.

Ronny George


This course helped me understand the many choices I can and should make before I take a photograph. I don’t want to spend hours in Lightroom adjusting my pictures. I want to spend my time taking great pictures. This course helped me do that. Thank you, John

Donald Merrill


Liked the fact that when a answer in the questionnaire was answered wrong the correct answer and an explanation was given

Richard Henderson