Start off by going through the most important settings across all Fujifilm X cameras to help you be a more efficient photographer. Use the provided camera-specific checklists to follow along for your camera.
x-s10 button setup


Nail your exposure every time! After a basic intro to the exposure triangle, you'll learn when & how to use Fujifilm's exposure modes. To top it off, become comfortable with the histogram to create perfectly-exposed photographs no matter which Fujifilm X camera you own.
fujifilm histogram


Learn how to use Fujifilm's different focus features, both in manual and autofocus, to put an end to blurry photographs.
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  • Camera Setup Checklist

    Fujifilm camera setup checklists are available for the most popular Fujifilm cameras.

"This is the most useful photography class I have ever been involved with, having taken other online  classes, watching videos and group lessons. Without a doubt, his classes have regenerated both my knowledge and excitement in taking my photography to the next level!" - Curtis B

"Excellent course, clear and thorough presentation of all the material, plus valuable feedback on assignments from the instructor." - Bev J.

What's included in this Fujifilm photography course?

This isn't just a collection of videos!

  • 46 short videos

    Short, digestible videos demonstrate the module topic without extra fluff. Each video is accompanied by text & photos for the readers, as well as a PDF outline for download.

  • 13 tests & quizzes

    Four ungraded quizzes and nine final exams will reinforce learning. Do you need to go back and re-read something? These tests will let you know.

  • 9 assignments

    You'll complete and turn in nine assignments so I can provide you feedback on how well you've understood and are applying what you've just learned.

Skill level

  • Beginner

Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

  • Set up your Fujifilm camera to be an efficient photographer

  • Understand the exposure triangle

  • Know when and how to use the PASM exposure modes

  • Use your camera's meter and histogram for perfect exposure

  • Be proficient in both manual and auto focus; using your camera's focus assist tools

  • Get perfect color with white balance


What do you need?

  • Any Fujifilm X camera. Checklists are provided for several Fujifilm X interchangeable lens cameras.

  • That camera's manual (electronic or print) for reference and assignments.

  • You'll need to complete the end-of-chapter test before proceeding to the next chapter; assignments are optional.

Time to complete

How long will it take?

  • A minimum of two weeks, depending on how long it takes to do all lesson materials, tests, and complete assignments.

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"This class was above and beyond what I felt I signed up for. There is so much great information within this course and the structure of the course really allows you to learn the information. Having John individually grade assignments and give you feedback was a major help and also really motivated me to keep doing more lessons and show that I was learning the information. I am a beginner and learned so much through this course. I would highly recommend it to anyone learning a new Fujifilm camera or photography in general. In just a few weeks I have far more of an understanding that I would have just doing free YouTube videos, etc. It is well worth it!" - Alaina B

Course curriculum

Your instructor

I have a unique background in education that started in the U.S. Air Force where I was an F-15E flight instructor for ten years and wrote F-15E training curricula. I continued to teach helicopter lessons after transitioning to civilian life.
But I soon discovered my passion was telling stories through photography. I'm now an accredited associate photographer with Photographers Without Borders and have worked on documentary projects around the world, and have also taught photography on three continents. I've been a professional photographer for nearly ten years, having been published in places like New York Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Tahoe Quarterly, and National Geographic Online. Photography is a joy that everyone should have access to, and I'd like to pass it on to you also!

John Peltier

Photography Instructor