Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals

The foundational interactive Fujifilm photography course for beginner and intermediate photographers. Learn all about how to use your Fujifilm camera to turn your snapshots into photographs.


Course rating: 4.9

24 reviews

Fujifilm camera setup

Start off by going through the most important settings across all Fujifilm X/GFX cameras to help you be a more efficient photographer. Use the provided camera-specific checklists to follow along for your camera.

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Perfect exposures

Nail your exposure every time! After a basic intro to the exposure triangle, you'll learn when & how to use Fujifilm's exposure modes. To top it off, become comfortable with the histogram to create perfectly-exposed photographs no matter which Fujifilm X or GFX camera you own.

Sharper photos

Learn how to use Fujifilm's different focus features, both in manual and autofocus, to put an end to blurry photographs.

Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

Set up your Fujifilm camera to be an efficient photographer

Understand the exposure triangle

Know when and how to use the PASM exposure modes

Use your camera's meter and histogram for perfect exposure

Be proficient in both manual and auto focus; using your camera's focus assist tools

Get perfect color with white balance


What do you need?

Any Fujifilm X or GFX camera released after 2014. Checklists are provided for several Fujifilm X & GFX interchangeable lens cameras.

That camera's manual (electronic or print) for reference and assignments.

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What's included in this Fujifilm photography course?

This isn't just a collection of videos!

44 short videos

Short, digestible videos demonstrate the module topic without extra fluff. Each video is accompanied by text & photos for the readers, as well as a PDF outline for download.

12 tests & quizzes

Four ungraded quizzes and eight final exams will reinforce learning. Do you need to go back and re-read something? These tests will let you know.

8 assignments

You'll complete and turn in nine assignments so I can provide you feedback on how well you've understood and are applying what you've just learned.

Course curriculum

    1. Download: Fujifilm Camera Checklists

    2. RAW vs JPEG

    3. File Recording

    4. Camera Metadata

    5. Display Settings

    6. Customizing Buttons

    7. Test: Fujifilm Camera Setup

    8. Workbook: Camera Setup

    1. AUTO ISO

    2. Using Program Auto Mode

    3. Using Aperture Priority Mode

    4. Using Shutter Priority Mode

    5. Using Manual Mode

    6. Test: Exposure Modes

    7. Download: Exposure Modes

    8. Workbook: Exposure Modes

    9. Assignment: Exposure Modes

    1. How the Camera Sees Light

    2. Metering Modes and Measuring Exposure

    3. Determining your Exposure Value

    4. How to Adjust Exposure

    5. Test: Exposure Compensation

    6. Download: Exposure Compensation

    7. Workbook: Exposure Compensation

    8. Assignment: Exposure Compensation

    1. Contrast Detection vs Phase Detection

    2. Autofocus Modes (Area Modes)

    3. Single vs Continuous Autofocus

    4. Autofocus Features

    5. Intro to Back-Button Focus

    6. Test: Autofocus Methods

    7. Download: Autofocus Methods

    8. Workbook: Autofocus

    9. Assignment: Autofocus

About this course

  • $129.00
  • 6 hours of video content
  • Camera setup checklists and chapter outline PDFs
  • Skill level: Beginner

What people say

Student reviews


This course helped me understand my camera better. The instructor provides clear and detailed explanations for how to use the camera and the important concepts regarding focus, exposure, white balance, etc. The presentations provide excellent graphics to show how to set the camera and the instructor gives nice examples to illustrate his points. The instructor also provides helpful and quick feedback on assignments. Great class!

Elene Feigenbaum


I found this course engaging and particularly liked the quizzes and assignment as they gave the opportunity to re-enforce what I had learnt.

Peter Hubbard



Shadreck Nyamukuvhengu


Excellent course, clear and thorough presentation of all the material, plus valuable feedback on assignments from the instructor.

Beverly Jay


This course is very comprehensive covering all aspects of using a mirrorless camera. It uses a variety of ways to engage your interest and allow you to practice and experiment with what is being taught. I would recommend this to anyone new to mirrorless cameras and anyone that wants a better understanding of the technical aspects of using a camera to achieve your creative vision.

Mark Northcote


Wished I had done this course a few years ago, when I started with digital photography. It beholds everything necessary to get a thorough and practical understanding of digital photography, especially with Fujifilm cameras. It would have saved me a lot of time in reading books and looking at youtube videos.

Jos Smeets


I highly recommend this course. I didn’t know much about cameras when I began, but by the time the course was finished, I had a working knowledge of my camera and felt confident about using all of the various settings. I liked working at my own pace and enjoyed the different ways the material was presented. The exams created the motivation to learn the material, and the assignments added the important layer of “hands on“ learning. It was a great learning experience.

Joanne Gordin


If you are changing from a DSLR to the Fuji system then this is the course for you! This course takes the frustration out of learning. I wish the shop that I purchased my camera would have recommend this course to me. Previously, I had only shot in auto, now I'm shooting in manual & raw and I understand my camera, the lenses and much more.

Angela Hjertstedt


This is an excellent course. I started a bit intimidated by my new-to-me Fujifilm camera, with relatively weak technical knowledge about photography. I finished feeling much more confident. John Peltier's explanations are easy to understand and provide a solid foundation of information. The modules are manageable in size and well constructed by topic, each building on the last. The opportunity to submit assignments for each module provided a great way to gain practical experience with the concepts. John personally reviews your work and comments on it. I've found myself returning repeatedly to the course downloads and reworking assignments on my own to help solidify my knowledge. In short, I highly recommend Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals. It's had a major positive impact on both my understanding and my work.

Michelle Friars


Fujifilm Camera Fundamentals has jump-started my understanding of the Fujifilm camera system. It has saved me countless hours in learning the Fujifilm camera basics and John has been more than willing to answer my numerous questions and correct my mistakes throughout. He and his courses are an invaluable resource for anyone desiring to learn about the Fujifilm camera systems and photography concepts. This is the best series of courses I have ever found!

Curt Brooks


I appreciated that you did not speak too quickly, and I thought you described the fundamentals in a clear and concise way. I am in my 80 year, and find some videos hurried, and confusing. Yours is not. I appreciate CC- a godsend!

Barbara Gibson


You never know all things always something new to learn

Phil Gibbs


I was really surprised about how little I actually knew about my camera and how it worked and functioned. I have hopes that now I can get the photos I want and need. Factual photos with the correct lighting and color is extremely important for my job. On the personal side I now know how to bring attention and emphasis items that I find fun to point out. This class has some overall information and detail information. I found it all useful.

Latreese Ellis


This was a great class for learning the camera functions. It was presented in a manner that was very easy to understand even if you do not have a lot of camera knowledge

Joyce Van Dertuin


Excellent course!

Annemieke van Middelkoop