Fujifilm X-T4 Tutorial

This Fujifilm X-T4 tutorial and setup guide is your comprehensive one-stop solution for learning how to maximize its potential and create great images.

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11 reviews

Learning a new camera is frustrating

The X-T4 manual is difficult to navigate and follow. So maybe you go to YouTube, where you need to piece together the right videos in the right order to learn everything - an impossible task.

This X-T4 tutorial course is designed to take you through your camera's features in a logical flow, using video walkthroughs and text outlines.

12 video lessons

3 hours of video with text outlines.

X-T4 Setup download

PDF download for offline reference.

Comprehension quiz

Test your understanding of the X-T4.

Instructor support

Live chat and email support.

By the end of this course you will:

Be familiar with all X-T4 controls and what they do

Know what all menu options do and how to set them up

Understand how to use the different exposure modes in the X-T4

Understand the different focus modes & tools in the X-T4

Be familiar with the playback menu and playback options

Know how to customize your X-T4 for your style

BONUS: Fujifilm XApp Guide

A 17-minute bonus video in the beginning will guide you through using the FUJIFILM XApp with your camera.

X-T4 Tutorial Course curriculum

    1. Intro to this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. New Camera Survey

    5. Getting Started with your Fujifilm X-T4

    6. BONUS: Using the Fujifilm XApp App

    7. Fujifilm X-T4 Setup PDF

    1. X-T4 Image Quality Settings

    2. X-T4 AF/MF Settings

    3. X-T4 Shooting Settings

    4. X-T4 Flash & Movie Settings

    5. X-T4 Setup Menus

    1. Focusing with your X-T4

    2. Exposure Modes in your X-T4

    3. X-T4 Image Styling Settings

    4. X-T4 Image Playback

    1. X-T4 My Menu & Q Menu

    2. X-T4 Custom Controls & Settings

    1. X-T4 Pop Quiz

    2. Course Review & Feedback

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X-T4 Menu Setup

You'll learn what all of the menu options do with recommendations on how you might want to set them up.

Focus & Exposure Tools

Learn about all of the focus tools available in the X-T4, and see how to use the different exposure modes.

X-T4 Customization

Customize the X-T4 to suit your style of photography - which will ultimately help you create better photos.

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X-T4 Tutorial Course Reviews

Read what other students have said


ordered LCD screen protector from Amazon--makes good sense!

Larry Z Greenberg


Very well done and incredibly helpful.

Philip Cody


Top notch Knowledge Base instructor

james oliver


John's video course is clear, precise, and I recommend it for every FujiFilm user. Even better, John is there if you have specific questions or comments. This course and any course I've taken at Peltier Photo Course is above and beyond expectations.

dan baney


I have owned my X-T4 for about 1 year and did not understand all of the settings, nor their implications. John’s clear and practical style will help me do better work while also saving essential battery life in the field and reducing the number of SD cards needed as well. Highly recommended!

Marcia Levetown


The Fujifilm X-T4 Tutorial course is organized in a very didactic way. It contributed very significantly to my understanding of the technical aspects of the camera. I appreciated the recommendations that were presented in the course of each chapter.

Joao Rosa


After getting my X-T4 I spend some time reading the manual, a book, and watching YouTube. This by far was the most helpful in learning my camera. The videos are well-produced and clear. I also have benefitted from the forum.

William Laun


Really thorough review of how to set up your X-T4. At the same time, it wasn't taking you down "into the weeds" where it wasn't necessary. It's nice to have John's other supplemental blogs/video reviews on specific topics as needed.

Curt Brooks


I have owned my X-T4 since it first came out and the X-T1, X-T2 and X-T3 before that. John Peltier covers and clarifies many details that other writers of guides do not cover and/or clarify as well. His recommendations for settings make sense to me and I have changed a few based on his suggestions.

Jerry Reece


Thanks, I found this very easy to confirm (change some of them) & better explain my current settings. I liked the better explanation as it is very clear and the video is backed up by the text.

Pat McNicoll


Couple information solved my issues with XT4. Thank You!

Marcin Kopciejewski


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This is more of a camera course, not a photography course. You'll learn the specifics of this camera as a creative tool, but this course does not cover general photography topics. If you want to learn about photography also, I recommend signing up for the membership.

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