Fujifilm X-S10 Tutorial

This Fujifilm X-S10 tutorial and setup guide will help you navigate this awesome compact camera, the first step in using it to capture great images!

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X-S10 Tutorial Course Curriculum

    1. Intro to this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. New Camera Survey

    4. This Month's Photo Challenge

    5. Getting Started with your Fujifilm X-S10

    1. Image Quality Settings

    2. AF/MF Settings

    3. Shooting Settings

    4. Flash & Movie Settings

    5. Setup Menus

    1. Focusing with your X-S10

    2. Exposure Modes in your X-S10

    3. Using Image Quality Settings

    4. Image Playback

    1. X-S10 Pop Quiz

    2. Course Review & Feedback

    3. Fujifilm X-S10 Setup PDF

About this course

  • $34.00
  • 12 videos
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Camera setup download

X-S10 Tutorial Course Reviews

Read what other students have said

Fast and quick

Adriel Pizarra


I really enjoyed it, much much easier than just trying to plough through the manual!

Ian McKinlay


margot horwitz


Fast and easy to follow

Adriel Pizarra


I very good introduction to the camera, especially for novice users of Fujifilm. Covered all the basics and some of the customizations. Worthwhile course

Robert Laggini


Great course. Helps you understand all the menu's and best options. Good explanations provided.

susan cohen


This was helpful as I am pondering the purchase of this camera

Lettie Turner


This was an excellent course for a new user of Fujifilm cameras. As a previous Canon user, I found a lot of the capabilities and customization ability confusing and overwhelming. Were it not for this course, I would probably have ignored a lot of the features, rather than understanding how to use them. I wondered at first if the price was worth it, but after trying to find answers to a lot of the questions I had in the manual, on the internet and Youtube, I’m sure this course saved me many hours of searching and frustration, and was well worth the cost.

Jeffrey Fried


It was a very informative class, just what I needed!

Shaun Ross


This was an incredibly helpful course to start to feel more comfortable with the FujiFilm X-S10. There is a lot to process with this camera, and the course really helped to clarify the main functions and how to start using the camera. Thanks a bunch!

Elizabeth Huffman


1) For those who have purchased a Fuji Camera and want a deep drive into how the features work and how to set and reset specific features/settings on your model this is the perfect course for you. Forget YouTube. 2) Additionally Johns Fuji Centric in- depth courses enable you to take your skills to whatever level you desire with Fuji. 3) Finally, you can ask questions and John gets back to you in a very timely manner and a BIG Bonus if you are a monthly subscriber you have 1/2 hour 1 on 1 Face Time with John every month

Mike Brown


Being very new to this camera I found the course extremely helpful and informative, giving me the confidence to set it up to use now and with the tools to help me make changes and custom settings in the future.

Chris Newton


I purchased my first Fujifilm x-s10 camera and as a beginner was intimidated by the complexity of all the features of the camera. This course was well organized and was easy to follow and made the complex features of the camera understandable. I feel I now have the fundamental knowledge of the camera features to go out and start taking photos.

Richard Longoria


This has been a really incredibly helpful class in getting to know my camera; this has saved me hours of reading the few hundred page PDF manual. The advice on settings from someone who's familiar with them, is exactly what I needed.

Mark Lipsy


This is a great course to get you past the initial hurtle of getting to know your camera and starting to take your first photos. Once you go through this course, you will feel confident with your new purchase especially if this is your first camera of this type. I highly recommend this course, and I know I will go back and view different segments in the future as I get more proficient with the camera. The recommendations for settings made by the instructor are especially useful, and the part that I appreciated the most.

Peter Ruffruff


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This course includes 12 videos that, in total, are just over 2 hours.

At this time, you must have an Internet connection to watch the videos and access the course modules.
However, there is a PDF download at the end of the course that contains all of the information given in this course, so you may have a reference for offline use.

If you purchase this course alone, then you'll have access forever and can come back whenever you want.
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This is more of a camera course, not a photography course. You'll learn the specifics of this camera as a creative tool, but this course does not cover general photography topics. If you want to learn photography also, I recommend signing up for the membership.

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