Demystify Camera Setup

Let's start by going through all of those menus, what the choices do, and which setting you might want to select!
fujifilm x-t30 menus

What you'll learn in this Fujifilm X-T3 course

This Fujifilm X-T3 camera course includes the following topics:

  • What the basic X-T3 controls are and what they do
  • How to set up all of the menus for your own style of photography
  • How to use the different exposure modes in the X-T3
  • How to use the different autofocus modes in the X-T3
  • How to use the manual focus tools available in the X-T3
  • How to customize the X-T3 and create custom settings for more efficient photography

What's included in this Fujifilm X-T3 course

  • X-T3 Setup PDF
  • 12 short, easily-digestible videos
  • Comprehension quiz
  • LiveChat instructor support

Course curriculum

    1. Intro to this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. New Camera Survey

    4. This Month's Photo Challenge

    5. Getting Started with your Fujifilm X-T3

    1. Image Quality Settings

    2. AF/MF Settings

    3. Shooting Setting

    4. Flash & Movie Settings

    5. Setup Menus

    1. Focusing with your X-T3

    2. Exposure Modes in your X-T3

    3. Using Image Quality Settings

    4. Image Playback

    1. My Menu & Q Menu

    2. Custom Controls & Settings

    1. X-T3 Pop Quiz

    2. Course Review & Feedback

    3. Fujifilm X-T3 Setup PDF

About this course

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  • 19 lessons

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