Fujifilm GFX50S II Tutorial

This Fujifilm GFX50S II tutorial and setup guide will help you navigate this awesome large format camera, the first step in using it to create great images!

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Learning a new camera is frustrating

The GFX50S II manual is difficult to navigate and follow. So maybe you go to YouTube, where you need to piece together the right videos in the right order to learn everything - an impossible task.

This GFX50S II tutorial course is designed to take you through your camera's features in a logical flow, using video walkthroughs and text outlines.

12 video lessons

3 hours of video with text outlines.

GFX50S II Setup download

PDF download for offline reference.

Comprehension quiz

Test your understanding of the GFX50S II.

Instructor support

Live chat and email support.

By the end of this course you will:

Be familiar with all GFX50S II controls and what they do

Know what all menu options do and how to set them up

Understand how to use the different exposure modes in the GFX50S II

Understand the different focus modes & tools in the GFX50S II

Be familiar with the playback menu and playback options

Know how to customize your GFX50S II for your style

BONUS: Fujifilm XApp Guide

A 17-minute bonus video in the beginning will guide you through using the FUJIFILM XApp with your camera.

GFX50S II Tutorial Course curriculum

    1. Intro to this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. New Camera Survey

    5. Getting Started with your Fujifilm GFX50S II

    6. Fujifilm GFX50S II Setup PDF

    7. BONUS: Using the Fujifilm XApp App

    1. GFX50S II Image Quality Settings

    2. GFX50S II AF/MF Settings

    3. GFX50S II Shooting Settings

    4. GFX50S II Flash & Movie Settings

    5. GFX50S II Setup Menus

    1. Focusing with your GFX50S II

    2. Exposure Modes in your GFX50S II

    3. GFX50S II Image Styling Settings

    4. GFX50S II Image Playback

    1. GFX50S II My Menu & Q Menu

    2. GFX50S II Custom Controls & Settings

    1. GFX50S II Pop Quiz

    2. Course Review & Feedback

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GFX50S II Menu Setup

You'll learn what all of the menu options do with recommendations on how you might want to set them up.

Focus & Exposure Tools

Learn about all of the focus tools available in the GFX50S II, and see how to use the different exposure modes.

GFX50S II Customization

Customize the GFX50S II to suit your style of photography - which will ultimately help you create better photos.

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This tutorial was designed and executed with users in mind. The pace is measured. Slow enough that you can get it the first time, fast enough that you don't get bored. Someone who does his own websites can tell you that this one is better than any tutorial website I've tried. Someone has been thoughtful about what's needed and then made sure it worked.

Clint Swift


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The course includes 12 videos that, in total, are just over 2 hours.

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This is more of a camera course, not a photography course. You'll learn the specifics of this camera as a creative tool, but this course does not cover general photography topics. If you want to learn about photography also, I recommend signing up for the membership.

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