The FAA no longer requires an in-person Recurrent Test. Click here for instructions on how to renew your Part 107 certificate online.

Are you ready to renew your Part 107 certificate?

Free FAA Part 107 Recurrent practice test

  • 40 Questions

    You'll take 40 questions in this free FAA Part 107 practice test, including some actual questions from the FAA Remote Pilot exam.

  • FAA Test Tips

    You'll also get five FAA test-taking tips for earning higher scores. They like to trick people - don't let it happen to you!

  • It's Free

    You won't need to give any credit card or payment info to access the test. And you won't be placed on any annoying email lists!

Scheduling your Part 107 Recurrent test

Here's a walkthrough on how to schedule your Part 107 Recurrent test using the new online system (not updated for the April 2021 procedures, which no longer requires a test).