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This FAA Part 107 practice test includes 300 questions, including questions you haven't seen elsewhere, and test-taking tips. Are you ready for your Remote Pilot test?


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Are you ready to pass the Part 107 Remote Pilot test?

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How to use this Part 107 practice test

This Part 107 Remote Pilot practice test is an assessment tool, to help you judge if you will pass the Remote Pilot test and identify weak knowledge areas for self-study. Correct answers are shown during the test, but not explanations. All knowledge areas are thoroughly explained in the full Test Prep Course.

This test contains actual questions you may see on the real Remote Pilot test and a number of questions I've written myself based on 15 years of military & civil flight instruction experience.

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Full Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course

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FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, handouts, and practice tests will prepare you to take the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.

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Why is this the best Part 107 Practice Test on the web?

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Great practice at a great price

King King


Excellent to practice before the exam

Edgardo Rivera



Jim Gosnell


My absolute most favorite part of this is when you get an answer wrong and you don't explain why.

Arun Khou


Great well done

Matthew Sweeney


simple to learn

Aikaterini Lykou



Tracy Grazley


Great test questions.

Frank Saladrigas


Very complete!

Dax Logue


William Stacks


Very good and informative

George Taylor


The questions on this test are not like others. They are harder which required me to study those questions. Also, wen you re-take the test, the questions change. I like this test better than all the others.

David Valley


Ron Austin


It was sooooo helpful to me

Debbie Rodger


Going in tomorrow, really want a perfect score. Ive taken a bunch and this seemed very fair, and forced me to put 2+2 together in several questions. Best learning question: standing on the ground, what airspaces and heights to get to... 2nd) flying over VO and covered people...

chris faust


So far this is the best exam because when you take it is never the same. There is always one or two new questions that make you think and prepare more.

Rafael Cruz


It helped me to realize, that I’m not ready to take the test yet. Thank you!

Uschi Fuchs


Very comprehensive test but some of the questions are so obscure that I haven't ever seen them before. Good for education and information!



The price for access to all questions made it an easy choice. I took the practice test at least 6 times and always saw me questions, which always led to further study. Many of the questions can be found in other free practice tests but there were also many I had not seen, covering topics I had not studied. Ultimately, I feel this practice test prepared me very well to pass the actual test on my first attempt.

Justin Laberdee


Jasdeep Singh


I very much appreciate that this resource forces you to UNDERSTAND the material, not just learn it.

Michael McConnell


This was really helpful if you think you know the material well and want to test yourself!

Adam Doll



Abraham Fulmer


Very helpful, I have completed a similar course and watched dozens of videos but this test had several questions I had not seen or even remember studying for. Well done.

Mark Sawicki


This is hands down the best Part 107 prep on the internet and take it from me, I tried them all!

the Count.com


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