FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, and practice tests will send you to the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.


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The most current Remote Pilot Test Prep

The Internet has become saturated with outdated, irrelevant, and incorrect Remote Pilot Test Prep material throughout the years.

This Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course is the only resource you need to pass the Part 107 test.

Current information - last revised in February 2023 - is presented in a clear, concise manner by a real FAA instructor pilot with nearly 15 years of flight instructor experience in both military and civilian flying.

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The most current material available, last revised February 2023

FAA test-taking tips

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Access to the Pilot Lounge community

Graduation certificate signed with my FAA instructor number

What you'll learn in this Remote Pilot Test Prep course

Presented by an experienced military & civilian flight instructor

Current Part 107 regulations explained in plain English, including Remote ID

Different classes of airspace with 3D models

How to read aeronautical charts in relation to the FAA test and flying drones

Weather for regular people and how it affects drone operations

The entire curriculum, with links to free previews, is outlined below!

Enrolled students: 1,114
Pass rate: 99.8%
Average score: 91%

Stats current as of February 1st, 2023

Part 107 Test Prep curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Remote Pilot Test Prep Course!

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Student Survey

    4. Study Guide & Course Outline

    5. Remote Pilot Resources

    6. Extra Training

    7. Joining our Referral Program

    1. 1.1 Intro to Regulations

    2. 1.2 Definitions

    3. 1.2 Quiz: Definitions

    4. 1.3 sUAS Registration

    5. 1.3 Quiz: sUAS Registration

    6. 1.4 General Rules

    7. 1.4 Quiz: General Rules

    8. 1.5 sUAS Pilot Certification

    9. 1.5 Quiz: sUAS Pilot Certification

    10. 1.6 Operations Part 1

    11. 1.6 Quiz: Operations Part 1

    12. 1.7 Operations Part 2

    13. 1.7 Quiz: Operations Part 2

    14. 1.8 Operations Over People & Remote ID

    15. 1.8 Quiz: Operations Over People & Remote ID

    16. End of Chapter Test: Regulations

    1. 2.1 Controlled Airspace

    2. 2.1 Quiz: Controlled Airspace

    3. 2.2 Class G Airspace

    4. 2.2 Quiz: Class G Airspace

    5. 2.3 Class E Airspace

    6. 2.3 Quiz: Class E Airspace

    7. 2.4 Class D Airspace

    8. 2.4 Quiz: Class D Airspace

    9. 2.5 Class C Airspace

    10. 2.5 Quiz: Class C Airspace

    11. 2.6 Class B Airspace

    12. 2.6 Quiz: Class B Airspace

    13. Special Test: Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Airspace

    14. 2.7 Special Use Airspace

    15. 2.7 Quiz: Special Use Airspace

    16. 2.8 Basic Topography

    17. 2.8 Quiz: Basic Topography

    18. End of Chapter Test: Airspace

    1. 3.1 Airport Operations

    2. 3.1 Quiz: Airport Operations

    3. 3.2 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS)

    4. 3.2 Quiz: NOTAMS

    5. 3.3 Communications

    6. 3.3 Quiz: Communications

    7. 3.4 Reading a Chart

    8. 3.4 Quiz: Reading a Chart

    9. 3.5 Emergencies

    10. 3.5 Quiz: Emergencies

    11. 3.6 ADM & CRM

    12. 3.6 Quiz: ADM & CRM

    13. 3.7 Physiology & Night

    14. 3.7 Quiz: Physiology & Night

    15. 3.8 Chart Test Question Walk-Through

    16. End of Chapter Test: Operations

    1. 4.1 Weather & Winds

    2. 4.1 Quiz: Weather & Winds

    3. 4.2 Temperature & Pressure

    4. 4.2 Quiz: Temperature & Pressure

    5. 4.3 Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    6. 4.3 Quiz: Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    7. 4.4 Stability

    8. 4.4 Quiz: Stability

    9. 4.5 Air Masses & Fronts

    10. 4.5 Quiz: Air Masses & Fronts

    11. 4.6 Thunderstorms & Icing

    12. 4.6 Quiz: Thunderstorms & Icing

    13. 4.7 Weather Reports

    14. 4.7 Quiz: Weather Reports

    15. End of Chapter Test: Weather

    1. 5.1 Weight & Balance

    2. 5.1 Quiz: Weight & Balance

    3. 5.2 Basic Aerodynamics

    4. 5.2 Quiz: Basic Aerodynamics

    5. 5.3 Load Factor

    6. 5.3 Quiz: Load Factor

    7. 5.4 Determining Performance

    8. 5.4 Quiz: Determining Performance

    9. 5.5 Preflight Duties

    10. 5.5 Quiz: Preflight Duties

    11. End of Chapter Test: Performance

About this course

  • $139.00
  • 36 videos (10+ hours)
  • 300 practice questions
  • Last update: February 2023

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Class E Airspace

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Remote Pilot Test Prep Course Reviews

Read what other students have said

Not easy material for everyone. Thanks for breaking it down into clearly explained sections. Nice examples of the test questions.

Catherine Fisher


I felt the graphing and breakdown of the video, was more beneficial. If there was more videos regarding this throughout the class, would not only benefit the studying, but as well as a better result in test scores.

Mark Reckert


Just passed the FAA UAG test. I relied on this course for training and for practice. The course material is focused and succinct. It concentrates on areas covered in the test without going into unnecessary detail. It clarified several areas for me that I was struggling with. I highly recommend it.

Jack Evans


This course was very detailed, and properly delivered. I had watched a few YouTube videos that were extremely long. The information provided paled in comparison to Peltier Photography Part 107 Course. It was a boon to have when drowning in the swath of data contained in the Code of Regulations.

Shaun Richey


Very challenging and informative information was given in a easy to understand way

Frank Boykin


Thank you for the great course and checking on me with the FAA’s updates. I passed!

Irmakhan Caglayan


Totally worth the money. I was able to pass my test with no issues first try! This course was the only information i used to study for the part 107 test. Definitely would recommend.

noah fennema


The way the course was laid out really helped cement the important aspects in my mind.

Shawn Zeilenga


Very easy to follow and broken up into very short segments.

Steve Eckelberry


This course was super helpful as it prepared me for the exam. The exam was easier than the practice tests by the time I had gotten to that point.

Thomas Strohmeier


The important information and concepts, on the test, were encompassed really well by the material in the course. The lessons gave me a lot of self-confidence going into the test, and my confidence never wavered throughout the test.

Gary Goldberg


The question about change of ownership, I don't recall being covered in the course. Continuously get that one wrong, and my google search provided wrong answers.

Shaun Richey



Michael Stevens


This course was well organized and easy to follow. I completed it in two days and took the exam within a week and got a 93%. I was very intimidated by some of the material in the beginning, but it was presented so well that I was able to get a handle on it very quickly.

Erin Pajak


Great course with solid instruction. Easy to digest and broken up into small chunks made it easy to follow and complete.

John Russell


This is the best on line course available. The knowledge and insight of the trainer is the best. The workflow of the of the tutorials makes it very easy to navigate the site. It is also very easy to focus on areas of concern and yet move quickly over areas of confidence.

Peter Martin


This was overall a great course that helped me pass the test with a 93%. I like that it covered just what we needed to know - no more, no less.

Madeline Reinsel


The material was amazing and really made comprehending different aspects easy. I felt prepared for the test and passed the first time

Max Kiehn


Excellent in most every way. Presentation, scope, and review. Highly recommended!

Doug Smith


Very thorough and easy to understand. Gave me all the information I needed.

Wayland Alexander


John’s teaching methods and thoroughness helped me really understand the material. I passed with a 90 on my first attempt! His advice to take it slow and go back and review my answers was a big help. I found 3 incorrect answers that I actually fixed before submitting it. You can’t go wrong with this training!

David Callahan


As a physician and recent drone “hobbyist”, the bug hit me hard. I am blessed with many things but time is not one of them. After trying the typical learning via internet searches, it was obvious that this was not going to work for me. Then after nearly completing another well known 107 internet video course a good friend told me to take the PeltierPhotocourses.com online video training. The lectures got straight to the point, were concise, complete and within a few days I was completely through the entire videos and quizzes. I took at least 3-4 of John’s post course practice tests and am now a happy Part 107 Certificate holder! But the fact that I got a 97% (59/60 correct) is proof that in my opinion proves that John’s course is the most effective course that I have seen that is available. Plus the fact that this course is good for a lifetime with recertification and the pass guarantee...... nothing more needs saying.

Keith Javery


John's course is an outstanding value and provides a quality Part 107 study experience. Overall, I am very impressed with the instructor’s dedication to provide an outstanding experience for his students. He not only offers a 30-day money back guarantee, but he also guarantees you’ll pass your FAA exam on the first try or he will reimburse you for the testing fee and refund your course tuition. Although, with his students having a 100% pass rate so far it isn’t likely you’ll need to take him up on that offer. For my complete review please visit https://www.droneoutlook.com/peltier-photo-test-prep-faa-part-107-remote-pilot-course-review/

Steve Diddle


Very informative and easy to follow.

Michael Schuler


This course is amazing! I scored 100% on my part 107 exam and I couldn't have done it without all of the detailed information provided in this course. I really liked the quizzes after each section, and the fact that you can take the practice exam as many times as you want really helped me to feel totally prepared to take the test. I can't recommend this course enough.

Mike Bruining


Great program for the money. Bank of questions are typical of the FAA and are great practice. Some of the more detailed sectional graphics are unreadable. I have a great monitor/graphics card and simply could not read some of the info to answer questions. If a question is missed on a practice test, a link to the material explaining the content would be helpful. Very good program.

Kevin M


The course was thorough and easy to follow (even with ADHD!) and clearly identified the main things that were needed to know on the test.

Christina Hoddinott


I received a 88% of my Part 107 test - with absolutely NO previous drone experience. The course was easy to follow and understand. I especially liked the Study Guide print out that I filled in as I was taking each module - it really helped with retaining the information - and at the end of the course, I had a great study tool. The quizzes after each module and final test after each chapter were very helpful. The Part 107 test was structured very much like this course - the practice tests were a game changer.

Laurel Housden


Excellent Course - The information is presented in a great format and easy to interpret. Highly Recommend! I am schedule to take my test Nov. 10th. Fingers Crossed!

Jim McCarty


Great materials at a digestible pace. Very glad I decided to enroll in this course to help me obtain my license.

Drake Delossantos


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Frequently Asked Questions

If by some misfortune you don't pass, I will issue a refund for this test prep course. I will also reimburse you what you paid for the FAA test via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App (your preference).
You will have had to complete 100% of this course to be eligible for the refund, and provide a copy of your testing center receipt and score sheet showing you didn't pass. Only the first failure can be reimbursed.

You will have unlimited, lifetime access to the material. You'll receive updates to the regulations via email as they happen, and be able to come back here to review the changes.

As current as it can be! The original curriculum is from late 2019 and I make updates as necessary to stay up with current regulations. The latest modifications were made in February 2023.

Everything you see in the sections above is included in the course. This includes all videos, the study guide, the quizzes, unlimited practice tests, and 24/7 access as long as you have an Internet connection.
Extras are available, like airspace training customized to your home area, and a one-on-one video consult.

There are currently just over ten hours of training videos included in this course. Most of the videos are less than ten minutes each and get straight to the point, not overwhelming you with longer videos full of "chit-chat".
Each video is also followed by a text outline so you can read the highlights.

This is just a test prep course. You'll need to take an in-person test at an FAA-approved testing center near you after this course. Once you pass the test and submit a little bit of paperwork, you'll have your Part 107 certificate. Don't worry, I walk you through how to do all of that!

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