FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep

Take the stress out of getting your Remote Pilot certificate. This series of short videos, quizzes, and practice tests will send you to the Remote Pilot test with confidence you'll pass.


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The most current Remote Pilot Test Prep

The Internet has become saturated with outdated, irrelevant, and incorrect Remote Pilot Test Prep material throughout the years.

This Part 107 Remote Pilot Test Prep course is the only resource you need to pass the Part 107 test.

Current information - last revised in April 2022 - is presented in a clear, concise manner by a real FAA instructor pilot with nearly 15 years of flight instructor experience in both military and civilian flying.

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What you'll learn in this Remote Pilot Test Prep course

Presented by an experienced military & civilian flight instructor

Current Part 107 regulations explained in plain English, including Remote ID

Different classes of airspace with 3D models

How to read aeronautical charts in relation to the FAA test and flying drones

Weather for regular people and how it affects drone operations

The entire curriculum, with links to free previews, is outlined below!

Enrolled students: 904
Pass rate: 99.8%
Average score: 91%

Stats current as of August 1st, 2022

What's included in this Remote Pilot Test Prep Course

Current material

You'll be up to date. Last revised April 2022.

Unlimited practice tests

The large 300-question bank includes real FAA questions.

Live Chat

Chat real-time with me, not a bot. Schedule a live video session if you need it.

Study guide

Make your own study guide with the provided outline to reinforce learning.

FAA test-taking tips

Learn the five most important test-taking tips based on decades of experience.

Certification steps

Get a walkthrough of all steps needed to get your pilot certificate before and after testing.

Graduation Certificate

Show employers & clients you've completed a Part 107 course with a certified FAA instructor.

You didn't just "pass a test," you're the real deal!

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Class E Airspace

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We offer group rates for agencies, organizations, and other businesses looking to certify several people.
Discounts also available for first responders & veterans.

Part 107 Test Prep curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Remote Pilot Test Prep Course!

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Student Survey

    4. Study Guide & Course Outline

    5. Remote Pilot Resources

    6. Extra Training

    1. 1.1 Intro to Regulations

    2. 1.2 Definitions

    3. 1.2 Quiz: Definitions

    4. 1.3 sUAS Registration

    5. 1.3 Quiz: sUAS Registration

    6. 1.4 General Rules

    7. 1.4 Quiz: General Rules

    8. 1.5 sUAS Pilot Certification

    9. 1.5 Quiz: sUAS Pilot Certification

    10. 1.6 Operations Part 1

    11. 1.6 Quiz: Operations Part 1

    12. 1.7 Operations Part 2

    13. 1.7 Quiz: Operations Part 2

    14. 1.8 Operations Over People & Remote ID

    15. 1.8 Quiz: Operations Over People & Remote ID

    16. End of Chapter Test: Regulations

    1. 2.1 Controlled Airspace

    2. 2.1 Quiz: Controlled Airspace

    3. 2.2 Class G Airspace

    4. 2.2 Quiz: Class G Airspace

    5. 2.3 Class E Airspace

    6. 2.3 Quiz: Class E Airspace

    7. 2.4 Class D Airspace

    8. 2.4 Quiz: Class D Airspace

    9. 2.5 Class C Airspace

    10. 2.5 Quiz: Class C Airspace

    11. 2.6 Class B Airspace

    12. 2.6 Quiz: Class B Airspace

    13. Special Test: Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Airspace

    14. 2.7 Special Use Airspace

    15. 2.7 Quiz: Special Use Airspace

    16. 2.8 Basic Topography

    17. 2.8 Quiz: Basic Topography

    18. End of Chapter Test: Airspace

    1. 3.1 Airport Operations

    2. 3.1 Quiz: Airport Operations

    3. 3.2 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMS)

    4. 3.2 Quiz: NOTAMS

    5. 3.3 Communications

    6. 3.3 Quiz: Communications

    7. 3.4 Reading a Chart

    8. 3.4 Quiz: Reading a Chart

    9. 3.5 Emergencies

    10. 3.5 Quiz: Emergencies

    11. 3.6 ADM & CRM

    12. 3.6 Quiz: ADM & CRM

    13. 3.7 Physiology & Night

    14. 3.7 Quiz: Physiology & Night

    15. 3.8 Chart Test Question Walk-Through

    16. End of Chapter Test: Operations

    1. 4.1 Weather & Winds

    2. 4.1 Quiz: Weather & Winds

    3. 4.2 Temperature & Pressure

    4. 4.2 Quiz: Temperature & Pressure

    5. 4.3 Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    6. 4.3 Quiz: Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    7. 4.4 Stability

    8. 4.4 Quiz: Stability

    9. 4.5 Air Masses & Fronts

    10. 4.5 Quiz: Air Masses & Fronts

    11. 4.6 Thunderstorms & Icing

    12. 4.6 Quiz: Thunderstorms & Icing

    13. 4.7 Weather Reports

    14. 4.7 Quiz: Weather Reports

    15. End of Chapter Test: Weather

    1. 5.1 Weight & Balance

    2. 5.1 Quiz: Weight & Balance

    3. 5.2 Basic Aerodynamics

    4. 5.2 Quiz: Basic Aerodynamics

    5. 5.3 Load Factor

    6. 5.3 Quiz: Load Factor

    7. 5.4 Determining Performance

    8. 5.4 Quiz: Determining Performance

    9. 5.5 Preflight Duties

    10. 5.5 Quiz: Preflight Duties

    11. End of Chapter Test: Performance

About this course

  • $139.00
  • 36 videos (10+ hours)
  • 300 practice questions
  • Last update: April 2022
Very good class. I followed the process taking about a week and passed the test 1st time.

Dave Rice


Great help condensing to important info and then having practice quizzes after each section

Wyatt Bange


I took the practice tests numerous times to try to use it - as well as the text portions of the learning blocks - to hone my knowledge. While achieving 90+ on many practice tests here, I could only bring home an 82 from the FAA test. Chart reading with the classes of airspace and weather were my two weakest areas.

Chris Slater


After doing some research on the part 107 test I relized there was a lot I did not know. This course put it all together for me and I passed with a 90%!

Eric Schroeder


This course is the best, hands down. I passed my test on the first try with a 92. I highly reccomend taking this course.

Cody Meyers


The material was amazing and really made comprehending different aspects easy. I felt prepared for the test and passed the first time

Max Kiehn


Absolutely amazing course! As a Home Inspector I planned to utilize a drone for roof inspections. However, after acquiring the knowledge presented in this course I have several ideas on how I might expand my own business. The data was presented in a very easy to understand method and the course was a delight to take - I enjoyed learning!

Josh Schultz


Solid content, well explained video's and great if you write as you go on prep course outline

Mac Law


Peltier really knows his stuff. He also explains it in a way that it doesn't confuse the student.

Mitchell Silvers


The flow was clear and the coverage was concise with sufficient details and examples. I appreciated the no-nonsense methodical coverage of the course material.

Nicholas Estes


This course definitely gave me the confidence to take the exam and pass on the first try! Follow his suggestions and you will be fine.

Tim Zahn


I found the videos along with fill-able note sheet made this course a slam dunk for passing the 107 exam

Adam Roth


John’s teaching methods and thoroughness helped me really understand the material. I passed with a 90 on my first attempt! His advice to take it slow and go back and review my answers was a big help. I found 3 incorrect answers that I actually fixed before submitting it. You can’t go wrong with this training!

David Callahan


John's course layout was great. He uses short videos throughout the lessons to break down the information and explain it thoroughly. In addition to the videos, he has the notes below the videos for reference as well as test taking advice, references for other books, phone/tablet apps, etc. After passing the course, I spent the next few days going back through the videos and re-taking the practice test over and over. I studied in short intervals daily for about a week and scheduled my Part 107 exam and passed on my first attempt with a 90%. You have 2 hours to take the test. I finished early and had time to scan back through each question to ensure all were completed. Highly recommend this course!

Anthony Westbrook


Peltier simplifies a very complicated process by teaching the “hows” as well as the “whys”. He also answers the “what nexts”. Believe me, you want to know the “what nexts”, too.

A. Greg Raymond


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Frequently Asked Questions

If by some misfortune you don't pass, I will issue a refund for this test prep course. I will also reimburse you what you paid for the FAA test via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App (your preference).
You will have had to complete 100% of this course to be eligible for the refund, and provide a copy of your testing center receipt and score sheet showing you didn't pass. Only the first failure can be reimbursed.

With both pricing options, you will have unlimited, lifetime access to the material. You'll receive updates to the regulations via email as they happen, and be able to come back here to review the changes.

As current as it can be! The original curriculum is from late 2019 and I make updates as necessary to stay up with current regulations. The latest modifications were made in April 2022.

Everything you see in the sections above is included in the course. This includes all videos, the study guide, the quizzes, unlimited practice tests, and 24/7 access as long as you have an Internet connection.
Extras are available, like airspace training customized to your home area, and a one-on-one video consult.

There are currently just over ten hours of training videos included in this course. Most of the videos are less than ten minutes each and get straight to the point, not overwhelming you with longer videos full of "chit-chat".
Each video is also followed by a text outline so you can read the highlights.

This is just a test prep course. You'll need to take an in-person test at an FAA-approved testing center near you after this course. Once you pass the test and submit a little bit of paperwork, you'll have your Part 107 certificate. Don't worry, I walk you through how to do all of that!

The first step towards obtaining your Remote Pilot License

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If you don't pass your test we'll refund both this course and your FAA testing fee. But we're confident we won't need to do that with our testing average in the 90s!

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