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Here you'll get current & concise information presented by a certified FAA instructor with nearly 20 years of military & civil flight instructor experience.

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What you'll learn in this Remote Pilot Test Prep course

Thousands of students have found success in learning with an experienced flight instructor

Current Part 107 regulations explained in plain English, including Remote ID

Different classes of airspace with 3D models

How to read aeronautical charts in relation to the FAA test and flying drones

Weather for regular people and how it affects drone operations

The entire curriculum, with links to free previews, is outlined below!

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Part 107 Test Prep curriculum

    1. Welcome to the Remote Pilot Test Prep Course!

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. Student Survey

    5. Study Guide & Course Outline

    6. Remote Pilot Resources

    7. Extra Training

    8. Referral Program

    1. 1.1 Intro to Regulations

    2. 1.2 Definitions

    3. 1.2 Quiz: Definitions

    4. 1.3 sUAS Registration

    5. 1.3 Quiz: sUAS Registration

    6. 1.4 General Rules

    7. 1.4 Quiz: General Rules

    8. 1.5 sUAS Pilot Certification

    9. 1.5 Quiz: sUAS Pilot Certification

    10. 1.6 Operations Part 1

    11. 1.6 Quiz: Operations Part 1

    12. 1.7 Operations Part 2

    13. 1.7 Quiz: Operations Part 2

    14. 1.8 Operations Over People & Remote ID

    15. 1.8 Quiz: Operations Over People & Remote ID

    16. End of Chapter Test: Regulations

    1. 2.1 Controlled Airspace

    2. 2.1 Quiz: Controlled Airspace

    3. 2.2 Class G Airspace

    4. 2.2 Quiz: Class G Airspace

    5. 2.3 Class E Airspace

    6. 2.3 Quiz: Class E Airspace

    7. 2.4 Class D Airspace

    8. 2.4 Quiz: Class D Airspace

    9. 2.5 Class C Airspace

    10. 2.5 Quiz: Class C Airspace

    11. 2.6 Class B Airspace

    12. 2.6 Quiz: Class B Airspace

    13. Special Test: Controlled vs. Uncontrolled Airspace

    14. 2.7 Special Use Airspace

    15. 2.7 Quiz: Special Use Airspace

    16. 2.8 Basic Topography

    17. 2.8 Quiz: Basic Topography

    18. End of Chapter Test: Airspace

    1. 3.1 Airport Operations

    2. 3.1 Quiz: Airport Operations

    3. 3.2 Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs)

    4. 3.2 Quiz: NOTAMS

    5. 3.3 Communications

    6. 3.3 Quiz: Communications

    7. 3.4 Reading a Chart

    8. 3.4 Quiz: Reading a Chart

    9. 3.5 Emergencies

    10. 3.5 Quiz: Emergencies

    11. 3.6 ADM & CRM

    12. 3.6 Quiz: ADM & CRM

    13. 3.7 Physiology & Night

    14. 3.7 Quiz: Physiology & Night

    15. 3.8 Chart Test Question Walk-Through

    16. End of Chapter Test: Operations

    1. 4.1 Weather & Winds

    2. 4.1 Quiz: Weather & Winds

    3. 4.2 Temperature & Pressure

    4. 4.2 Quiz: Temperature & Pressure

    5. 4.3 Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    6. 4.3 Quiz: Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    7. 4.4 Stability

    8. 4.4 Quiz: Stability

    9. 4.5 Air Masses & Fronts

    10. 4.5 Quiz: Air Masses & Fronts

    11. 4.6 Thunderstorms & Icing

    12. 4.6 Quiz: Thunderstorms & Icing

    13. 4.7 Weather Reports

    14. 4.7 Quiz: Weather Reports

    15. End of Chapter Test: Weather

    1. 5.1 Weight & Balance

    2. 5.1 Quiz: Weight & Balance

    3. 5.2 Basic Aerodynamics

    4. 5.2 Quiz: Basic Aerodynamics

    5. 5.3 Load Factor

    6. 5.3 Quiz: Load Factor

    7. 5.4 Determining Performance

    8. 5.4 Quiz: Determining Performance

    9. 5.5 Preflight Duties

    10. 5.5 Quiz: Preflight Duties

    11. End of Chapter Test: Performance

About this course

  • $139.00
  • 5.5 hours of video content
  • 300 practice questions
  • Last update: September 2023

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Class E Airspace

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Remote Pilot Test Prep Course Reviews

Read what other students have said


This is by far the best course I've found.

Stephen Appleby


This is a perfect prep for this test!

Michael Stevens


Very good!

Sophie Barno


Very thorough information from someone who clearly knows what he's talking about.

Jon Bloch


Extremely thorough and informative. I passed my certification exam on the first try!

Chris Chandras


As a pilot with a single/multi engine rating already, I can tell you with a certainty that this material is first-class and will absolutely prepare you for the Part 107 exam. Not sure whether or not to purchase this program? Here's my advice; like NIKE...just do it!

Scott Stansfield


The information is presented in a way that makes it easy to absorb and retain. We highly recommend this course anyone taking the part 107 test.

Philip Lewis


Easy to follow and prepared me well for the test.

Nicholas Manuele


All of the lessons were thorough, clear, and concise. Airspace was borderline overwhelming for me, but I'm sure that practice will make it easier. I feel well prepared for the test.

James Shumway


This course was excellent preparation for the Part 107 test. There were a couple of things on the test that I do not remember being covered but I learned enough to get a 98% score. Only missed 1 question out of 60!

Duane Siedentop


Great course with solid instruction. Easy to digest and broken up into small chunks made it easy to follow and complete.

John Russell


I didn't know anything about flying anything until I took this course. Now I feel like I can fly a plane :) But I'll stick to the drone for now! :)

Kendrick Mays


Good course and full of helpful information. Take your time and digest the info

Spencer Jackson


I felt the graphing and breakdown of the video, was more beneficial. If there was more videos regarding this throughout the class, would not only benefit the studying, but as well as a better result in test scores.

Mark Reckert


Straight to the point and efficient. The practice tests alone are worth it. Such a useful tool. Passed my Part 107 test on the first try!

Andrew Tindall


Excellent Course - The information is presented in a great format and easy to interpret. Highly Recommend! I am schedule to take my test Nov. 10th. Fingers Crossed!

James McCarty



Brock Parker


This course touched on the key core elements to effectively pass the FAA Part 107 exam.

Colin Strong


I loved this course. The website, presentation, and materials were all incredibly professional and useful. This helped me score well on the exam as well (92%).

Daniel Parker


Was very clear in breaking down what seem like complex topics. I liked hearing things in plain english and getting examples of what that will look like in a chart, graph or test.

Sarah Rocca


Great refresher to help prepare for the test.

Blake Montgomery


Amazing course - passed the first time. Effective teaching and made a complex subject very easier to understand- thank you!

Yamilette Reyes Lima


Overall a very intuitive course that has helped my prepare for the 107 test.

Chandler Wilson


James Cook


Enjoyed the course

Julian Wadding


I think this course was very beneficial for learning the ins and outs of obtaining a Part 107 certification.

Matt Choyce


The course was great and constructed well. The bar is set high, but the result is a passing score.

Michael Wheeler


This course is an excellent source for preparing for an FAA Drone pilot certificate.

Marc Angel


Very Informative. Got me a 98%!

Scott Ponitz


This was overall a great course that helped me pass the test with a 93%. I like that it covered just what we needed to know - no more, no less.

Madeline Reinsel


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Frequently Asked Questions

If by some misfortune you don't pass, I will issue a refund for this test prep course. I will also reimburse you what you paid for the FAA test via PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App (your preference).
You will have had to complete 100% of this course to be eligible for the refund, and provide a copy of your testing center receipt and score sheet showing you didn't pass. Only the first failure can be reimbursed.

You will have unlimited, lifetime access to the material. You'll receive updates to the regulations via email as they happen, and be able to come back here to review the changes.

As current as it can be! The original curriculum is from late 2019 and I make updates as necessary to stay up with current regulations. The latest modifications were made in September 2023.

Everything you see in the sections above is included in the course. This includes all videos, the study guide, the quizzes, unlimited practice tests, and 24/7 access as long as you have an Internet connection.
Add-ons are available, like airspace training customized to your home area, and a one-on-one video consult.
The FAA Part 107 in-person testing fee will be extra.

There are currently just over five hours of training videos included in this course. Most of the videos are less than ten minutes each and get straight to the point, not overwhelming you with longer videos full of "chit-chat".
Each video is also followed by a text outline so you can read the highlights.

This is just a test prep course. You'll need to take an in-person test at an FAA-approved testing center near you after this course. Once you pass the test and submit a little bit of paperwork, you'll have your Part 107 certificate. Don't worry, I walk you through how to do all of that!

The first step towards obtaining your Remote Pilot License

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If you don't pass your test we'll refund both this course and your FAA testing fee. But we're confident we won't need to do that with our test score average in the 90s!

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