Nikon Zfc Tutorial

This Nikon Zfc tutorial and setup guide is your comprehensive one-stop solution for learning how to maximize its potential and create great images.


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Learning a new camera is frustrating

The Nikon Zfc manual is difficult to navigate and doesn't contain enough information. So maybe you go to YouTube, where you need to piece together the right videos in the right order to learn everything - an impossible task.

This Zfc tutorial course is designed to take you through your camera's features in a logical flow, using video walkthroughs and text outlines.

18 video lessons

4 hours of video with text outlines.

Zfc Setup download

PDF download for offline reference.

Comprehension quiz

Test your understanding of the Nikon Zfc.

Instructor support

Live chat and email support.

By the end of this course you will:

Be familiar with all Zfc controls and what they do

Know what all menu options do and how to set them up

Understand how to use the different exposure modes in the Zfc

Understand the different focus modes & tools in the Zfc

Be familiar with the playback menu and playback options

Know how to customize your Zfc for your style

Nikon Zfc Tutorial Course curriculum

    1. Intro to this Course

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. About our Mobile App

    4. New Camera Survey

    5. Getting Started with your Nikon Zfc

    6. BONUS: Using the SnapBridge App

    7. Nikon Zfc Setup PDF

    1. Nikon Zfc Setup Menu

    2. Nikon Zfc Photo Shooting Menu - Basic Setup

    3. Nikon Zfc Video Recording Menu

    1. Autofocus with your Zfc

    2. Manual Focus with your Zfc

    3. Zfc Autofocus Detection & Tracking

    4. Nikon Zfc Focus Custom Settings

    1. Exposure Modes in your Nikon Zfc

    2. Nikon Zfc Exposure Custom Settings

    3. Nikon Zfc Additional Exposure Modes

    4. Using Flash with the Nikon Zfc

    1. Nikon Zfc Playback Menu

    2. Nikon Zfc Playback Mode

    3. Nikon Zfc Retouch Menu

    1. Nikon Zfc Photo Shooting Menu - Picture Styling

    2. Nikon Zfc My Menu & i Menu

    3. Nikon Zfc Custom Controls & Displays


About this course

  • $39.00
  • 18 videos
  • Skill level: Beginner
  • Zfc setup download

What makes these courses different?

An instructor at your side

Many "online courses" are no more than video libraries where the actual instructor is long gone. Getting help could take days, weeks, or be impossible.

I'm here for you. We can chat live if I'm online. Otherwise, I'll respond by email within one or two business days.

Learning is easier when help is so close!

About our camera tutorials...

As a lifelong educator and a photography enthusiast I have a special appreciation for well constructed courses and content. I am also a veteran of many camera tutorials and this course is by far the best one I have seen, also at an incredibly reasonable price, especially given the provided cheat cheat and ongoing course access that are part of the deal. The condensed course modules provided in print and video were clearly and understandably presented at a perfect pace and saved me a significant amount of time getting me and this camera up and running. Much appreciated

Howard Klink

Fujifilm X-H2

After years of learning photographic skills via online courses, I was amazed that that I found such an in-depth yet easily understandable walk-through on how to use my camera (Fujifilm X-H2). John Peltier is a smart, down-to-earth teacher.

Richard Skaare

Fujifilm X-H2

This was a very professional course, which made it a pleasure to go through. The quality of the material and the teaching was excellent. In very short order I increased my familiarity with the camera's controls and was ready to get started using it in the field. Thanks!

Graham Milligan

Fujifilm X-H2

I purchased my first Fujifilm x-s10 camera and as a beginner was intimidated by the complexity of all the features of the camera. This course was well organized and was easy to follow and made the complex features of the camera understandable. I feel I now have the fundamental knowledge of the camera features to go out and start taking photos.

Richard Longoria

Fujifilm X-S10

A quick and easy guide to setting up a new X-T30 II. This was miles easier than reading the manual, a separate book, or playing around with the many many settings until i figured it out.

C. Cody Anderson

Fujifilm X-T30 II

Being very new to this camera I found the course extremely helpful and informative, giving me the confidence to set it up to use now and with the tools to help me make changes and custom settings in the future.

Chris Newton

Fujifilm X-S10

Very thorough yet not long-winded. Learned quite a few handy tricks for my new X-E4

Sam McFie

Fujifilm X-E4

So much better than the manual.


Fujifilm X-T5

The tutorial has been very helpful in explaining the many settings available and the purpose/effect of each setting. The videos are very understandable and the ability to pause or replay each video whenever desired is extremely helpful. The text provided with each video segment is a clear and concise summary of that segment as well as providing some additional information. I've found the course to be a very good way to start learning how to use my X-T5 effectively in order to produce my desired images.

Kimberley Van Ausdal

Fujifilm X-T5

After getting my X-T4 I spend some time reading the manual, a book, and watching YouTube. This by far was the most helpful in learning my camera. The videos are well-produced and clear. I also have benefitted from the forum.

William Laun

Fujifilm X-T4

Great course for beginners not only to the X-T30 ii but also photography. There is just enough information, meaning you do not become confused, frustrated or mind blown at any point. I still have so much to learn but at least now I feel confident handling my fabulous new purchase!

Paula Distin

Fujifilm X-T30 II

Phenomenal course; extremely well organized, logical, clear explanations in layman's terms. The best CBT I've ever experienced. I am a photography novice, with a thimble full of technical knowledge, who recently decided to take the leap from a 3.2 pixel point and shoot to something more 'powerful' (without diving into a DSLR). This course was perfect for me. After attempting to read the manual, I said to myself "there's gotta be a better way." I am so happy to have found this course as there is NO WAY IN THE WORLD I could have figured this out on my own!!! Thank you John Peltier.

Susan Warren

Fujifilm X100V

I don't know what I would have done without this course! When I looked at the Fuji instruction manual I felt very intimidated by it and went searching for an online tutorial. So glad that I found this one because it gave me everything I needed to get started taking great photos. Thank you!

Brian Slavin

Fujifilm X100V

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course includes 18 videos that, in total, are just over 4 hours.

Using our app, you can download the videos to your mobile device for offline viewing. This applies to the videos only. The text cannot be downloaded. There is a PDF Camera Setup Guide that can be downloaded, however.

Purchasing this course will grant you indefinite access. We'll let you know if there are any major updates!

I encourage you to try out the free previews before purchase.
Full refunds may be issued within 30 days of purchase, and only if 50% or less of the course content has been accessed. Partial refunds may be issued if more of the course has been accessed.

This is more of a camera course, not a photography course. You'll learn the specifics of this camera as a creative tool, but this course does not cover general photography topics. If you want to learn about photography, we have several photography courses on this website.

Learn how to get the most out of your Nikon Zfc

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