FAA Part 107 Weather Lesson features

This isn't just a collection of videos!

  • 8 quizzes

    Seven short quizzes are correctable to 100%. A final exam tests what you've learned!

  • 7 videos

    Short videos explain key concepts in a clear manner. All videos are accompanied by an outline with text and photos.

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FAA Part 107 Weather Lesson curriculum

    1. Before you start the weather lessons

    2. Part 107 Weather Study Guide & Outline

    1. Weather & Winds

    2. Quiz: Weather & Winds

    3. Temperature & Pressure

    4. Quiz: Temperature & Pressure

    5. Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    6. Quiz: Moisture, Fog, and Clouds

    7. Stability

    8. Quiz: Stability

    9. Air Masses & Fronts

    10. Quiz: Air Masses & Fronts

    11. Thunderstorms & Icing

    12. Quiz: Thunderstorms & Icing

    13. Weather Reports

    14. Quiz: Weather Reports

    1. End of Course Survey

    2. FAA Part 107 Weather Test

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5 star rating


AJ Wilson

I was able to get 46/50 answers right on the first try!!!! after taking the lessons ,Everything explained very well!!

I was able to get 46/50 answers right on the first try!!!! after taking the lessons ,Everything explained very well!!

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Your instructor

FAA-Certified Flight Instructor John Peltier

I have a unique background in education that started in the U.S. Air Force, where I flew F-15Es for nearly ten years. I've logged 114 Close Air Support combat missions during two deployments to Afghanistan, flew security for three different presidents and one space shuttle launch, and was an instructor in a training squadron during my final three years. My last job as an instructor was overseeing academic material for all F-15E training squadrons throughout the USAF.

I continued life as a flight instructor after the Air Force, this time in helicopters at home in beautiful Lake Tahoe, where I also flew tours.
I eventually took my professional photography full-time but continued flying as a UAS pilot for Search and Rescue, also teaching sheriff's deputies and SAR volunteers in getting FAA Part 107 certification. I've brought that curriculum - and my military & civilian instructor experience - to these online courses.