After the Capture

Organize your photography post-processing workflow, learning how to organize & backup your photos, how to edit, and how to effectively publish.

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Course objectives

What you'll learn by the end of this course

Come up with a practical organization system for your photos

Learn proper backup strategies for home and while traveling

Become proficient in both selecting photos to process & publish, and how to process them for maximum effect

How to put together both a portfolio and photo books

Create a photography blog and effectively use social media

Ways to monetize your photography in today's competitive environment


What do you need?

An editing/post-processing program such as Photo Mechanic, Lightroom, and/or Capture One

What's included in this post-processing course?

This isn't just a collection of videos!

21 short videos

Short, digestible videos demonstrate the module topic without extra fluff. Each video is accompanied by text & photos, as well as a PDF outline for download.

7 tests & quizzes

Six tests and one final exam reinforce learning. Do you need to go back and re-read something? These tests will let you know.

6 assignments

Six assignments let you practically apply what you learn in each module and submit them for instructor feedback.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to After the Capture!

    2. Virtual Classroom Orientation

    3. Referral Program

    4. Student Survey

    5. One-on-One Consult Call

    1. Your Photo Editing System

    2. Adding Geolocation Information

    3. Keywords & Captions

    4. Test: Editing Images

    5. Download: Editing Images

    6. Assignment: Editing Images

    1. Tonal Adjustments

    2. Color Adjustments

    3. Local Adjustments

    4. Exporting Photos

    5. Test: Processing Workflow

    6. Download: Processing Workflow

    7. Assignment: Processing Workflow

    1. Where to Keep your Online Portfolios

    2. Organizing your Portfolios

    3. Selecting Images for your Portfolio

    4. Test: Putting a Portfolio Together

    5. Download: Putting a Portfolio Together

    6. Assignment: Putting a Portfolio Together

    1. Printing Your Photos

    2. Social Media

    3. Your Ultimate Social Network

    4. Creating a Website

    5. Test: Publishing

    6. Download: Publishing

    7. Assignment: Publishing

About this course

  • $109.00
  • Time to complete: 1-2 weeks if completing all assignments
  • Skill level: Beginner to intermediate
  • 7 PDF downloads

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